Milan and Rome among Top Young Universities
Milan and Rome among Top Young Universities

Milan and Rome among Top Young Universities

Times Higher Education Ranking Top A Hundred Under Fifty

The newly released ranking from The Time reveals the best universities in the world with less than fifty years. The criteria of evaluation remain the same thirteen as those for the more notorious World University Ranking. However, the indicators have a greater focus on innovation and potential, rather than history and prestige. The countries with the highest number of schools listed are the UK and Australia (14).

Italy only counts two universities in the first a hundred places: University of Bicocca, Milan (21st) and University of Rome III, which entered for the first time in the ranking and placed 100th.

University of Bicocca was founded in 1998 and was already listed in the 2013 ranking at the 23rd place. The Milan-based University offers a varied educational program with the Business school, Law school, Medicine and Surgery and the Natural Sciences School. The internationalisation of the Athenaeum is constantly growing, with the number of foreign students amounting to 1815, which is 5,6% of the enrolled students.

Rome III University was founded in 1992. Its two main schools are the Economics and Business School and Literature and Philosophy School. Both are divided in several departments (Architecture, Law, Engineering...) for a total of twelve. They offer many courses taught in English, especially in the scientific fields, to accommodate the needs of the likewise growing number of international students.

It's still a long way before Italy can be enumerated amongst the dominating Asian Universities, which even in this ranking place in the first places. South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore are in the top positions of universities with less than fifty years. In the Time's Worlds University Ranking, Italy doesn't make it to the top 200. First university mentioned is The University of Trento, ranking amongst those between 201-225. We all have to hope that our youngest universities will be able to change this trend.

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