Italian food goes global
Italian food goes global

Italian food goes global

Cibus Global Forum and Cibus Market Check fostering Italian food industry business on foreign markets

Fiere di Parma and Federalimentare, the Association of Italian Food Industries, are going to inaugurate tomorrow (May 16-17)their annual Cibus Global Forum, an international congress dedicated to networking and discussion among food industry professionals and institutions, aimed at outlining current trends and possible evolution for the Italian food business.

This two-day conference is going to debate, with the help of an outstanding panel of entrepreneurs, retailers, ambassadors, professors and international experts, topics such as "Roots of the 'Made in Italy', Value to be defended on the global markets"; "Projects and strategies for exploiting Italian food product"; "Structural Changes of the Italian Food System"; "International distribution models exploiting at best Made in Italy"; "Retailers and Foreign Costumer expectations" and "Organic Food: competitive advantage for growth in mature markets".

Although it might be considered as an event targeted to the Italian public, Cibus Global Forum is mainly focused to foreign buyers, which usually represent at least 25percent of visitants. The targeted visitors are bakers, restaurants, snacks & sweet manufacturers, and any other figure working in the food industry: consultants, convenience retailers, departmental stores managers, dieticians, nutritionists, food technologists architects, e-retailers, restaurant management, bakery, confectionery manufacturers, and institutional catering management.

The targeted exhibitors, instead, are all companies working in the food processing machinery and equipment sector, offering assorted food and beverage processing equipment, drink and juice processing equipment, food sterilizing machinery and equipment, bakery and confectionery equipment. Food and beverages firms are also welcomed. Among them, the most appreciated are the ones processing poultry, meat and halal meat, dairy products, chilled and frozen foods, fresh products, seafood, and other food ingredients such as aromas, flavours and fragrances and food additives.

Finally, it is worth highlighting that Cibus Global Forum is not the only event scheduled to foster Italian food industry business on foreign markets. Cibus Market Check is indeed another initiative interested in facilitating the exchange of requests and information among Italian Food industry managers and foreign retailers. Cibus Market Check offers them a chance to start a mutually productive dialogue aimed at removing the hurdles that are currently preventing them from profiting from this huge and promising market. The first meeting was organized in Moscow last February, and the following ones will take place in Bangkok (May 25- 2013), Sao Paulo (June 28-2013), New York (July 2) and Shanghai (November 15- 2013).

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