Italian elections, the impact on Europe and the world
Italian elections, the impact on Europe and the world

Italian elections, the impact on Europe and the world

Members of italian and american press to discuss this topic in a panel organised by IB&II at the New York Times

In the wake of Italy's unprecedented election results, which led to a situation where no government can be formed, the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF)  will bring together Italian correspondents, American journalists of Italian ancestry from diverse print and broadcast media outlets and NIAF's council members to celebrate the country's rich culture and heritage, network with colleagues and mainly discuss  what the results mean for Italy, Europe and the World.

For the occasion, distinguished speakers including Carol A. Giacomo, Editorial Board Member of The New York Times; Maurizio Molinari, Bureau Chief of La Stampa; and Fernando Napolitano, president and CEO of the Italian Business & Investment Initiative: Why Italy Matters to the World will meet on April 3rd at 6 pm. at the NewYork Times's building and  confront themselves on Italy's political paralisis and its possible solutions.

Italy, Europe's third largest economy, needs to put together a government able to pursue the painful changes to the economy that the markets and the European Central Bank demand.

NIAF's leadership, including NIAF Chairman Emeritus Hon. Frank J. Guarini and NIAF PresidentJoseph V. Del Raso, Esq., will also join the reception.

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