Gianluca Brusa wins Juvenes Translatores 2017

The Italian student won the prestigious competition with a translation from French into Italian

There is also one Italian among the 28 brilliant young students winning the 2017-2018 translation contest for schools "Juvenes Translatores".

His name is Gianluca Brusa and he is a student at IIS "Carlo Emilio Gadda" in Paderno Dugnano, near Milan.

Juvenes Translatores is contest for schools in the European Union organised by The European Commission's Directorate-General for Translation. This year 73 schools and 352 students competed for Italy, but Brusa was selected as the best translator.

Official rules says that each student can choose to translate from any official EU language into any other official EU language. Brusa successfully translated a text in French into Italian.

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