France and Italy supporting the EU Solidarity Corps
France and Italy supporting the EU Solidarity Corps

France and Italy supporting the EU Solidarity Corps

A new initiative offering jobs or traineeships in solidarity-related fields across Europe

The European Solidarity Corps provides new opportunities for young Europeans to engage in solidarity activities across Europe, to gain invaluable experience, to develop their skills, and to make a contribution to society.

It currently offers two different kind of opportunities: young people can either participate in a volunteering project, or get placed for a job or traineeship in solidarity-related fields across Europe, for two to twelve months. While many volunteering placements have been taken up already, a structure is now in place to provide cross-border jobs and traineeship placements during this first phase of the European Solidarity Corps.

Differently from other kinf of internships, these EU traineeships will be paid and jobs will be remunerated according to national laws. There will always be an employment contract. Travel costs are covered. Participants will receive support when arriving on the

placement and when it ends, as well as the European Solidarity Corps certificate.

France and Italy have been taking the lead in this new European initiative, and their Public Employment Services have brought together other employment services

and partners on the ground. All activities are co-financed from the Employment and Social Innovation programme (EaSI), following a specific call for proposals.

Interested participants between 18 and 30 years old can apply for jobs and traineeships under the European Solidarity Corps through registering on a dedicated website where they will be asked to upload their CV, in order to maximize the link between the profile of the candidate and the existing vacancies.

Companies and organisation active in the solidarity sector, instead, are welcome to use the same website to publicize their offers of jobs or traineeships opportunities. The most efficient way to do that would be getting in touch with either the Italian National Agency for active labour policies (ANPAL), at, or the French Public Employment Services (Pôle Emploi), at .

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