Billybu: an Italian idea to improve the connection parent-child

Billybu: an Italian idea to improve the connection parent-child

Innovative educational games for pre-schooler

Billybu is a new Italian project that selects educational games for young kids in pre-school age. Parents willing to rely on Billybu for the choice of the games to entertain their children will receive - every 2 months - a hand-made bag in organic cotton containing a game for the kid and a formative content for the parents. They will receive tips on what the kid is experiencing in that particular phase of his life, what is important for him and how parents can help him to go through the difference phases of growing.

Billybu - as highlighted by the founders -was conceived to give a solid help to parents in the long process of development of their children in order to make it an amazing experience. Not by chance, the symbol of the brand is the caribou, an animal similar to reindeer that travels many kilometres in the migration periods. This long path is used as a metaphor for the life of young kids, along which parents need to support and guide them.

Games are conceived by a team of professionals in the field of education and psychologists, physically assembled by small Italian companies, who are not part of big distribution but which stand out for their care for the environment. In fact, Billybu partner companies only use recycled materials - like paper, wood and organic cotton.

Billybu was conceived as an "open service" without any time constrictions concerning the use. In order to receive the box every two months, the only thing parents need to do is to pay 34?. If they'll ever want to withdraw their membership, they just need to cancel by communicating it to the customer service.

Billybu stands out as a great Italian innovation in the education field and it was officially launched in Italy on the first week of April 2017.

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