"Althea for Kids. Sweets for Health": where creativity encounters rehabilitation
"Althea for Kids. Sweets for Health": where creativity encounters rehabilitation

"Althea for Kids. Sweets for Health": where creativity encounters rehabilitation

The new initiative promoted by Villa Althea in Naples

Launched for the first time in Italy on the 9th of April 2016 in Naples, "Althea for Kids. Sweets for Health" is the new project for kids promoted by VillaAlthea, one of the most important locations for events in the South of Italy. The first edition is happening at the same time of Telethon 2016 Walk of Life in Piazza Dante (Naples), supporting the charitable purposes of the event.

In details, "Althea for Kids. Sweets for Health" will transform young kids into pastry chefs within an ad hoc lab, which is also replicated on April 17th. It will be a chance for parents and their children to spend time together, engaging in a creative activity giving a very sweet reward.

As declared by Lara Parente, Events Manager at Villa Althea, "The aim of the initiative is the one of fostering creativity and collaboration among children to achieve specific educational and rehabilitating goals by making sweets using sugar paste".

The pastry-making training is opened to young children as well, who will be plunged in a mixed recreational and at the same time artistic activity.

Most interestingly, Mrs. Parante has also pointed out how working with sugar paste can play a support role in psychiatric and neuromotor rehabilitation. For this reason, Villa Altea is working closely with Universities, in order to improve its impact and potential in the rehabilitation sector.

Furthermore, the project will be another evidence of the stable commitment Villa Althea has in the social field. In fact, as mentioned above, Althea is unique in its genre in the South of Italy. It has a 5 hectares park entirely devoted to big events (such as weddings, labs) where bio-cooking is strictly performed, using only local products. Moreover, the atmosphere surrounding the mouth-watering dishes seems to be unforgettable, characterized by a great combination between nature and comfort.

Those who are thinking about exploring the venue can get more info on the villa's website.

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