Progetto Murrae, the Italian version of sustainable architecture

Progetto Murrae, the Italian version of sustainable architecture

In the Langhe area, “Green Lofts” offer high quality design and energy efficiency in a stunning and relaxing context

The Langhe area, that is the hilly region located in the province of Cuneo (Piedmont), near the river Tanaro, in the north of Italy, is already famous for wines, cheeses, and truffles. This region is so beautiful that Unesco recently agreed to add it in its long World Heritage Sites list, boosting a new rise in term of tourism, especially for wine and food tasting.

Today, the progetto Murrae is trying to add a modern but green architectonical touch to the area. The project aims to build eco-friendly houses in the area, merging together high level design, sustainable architecture and renewable energy sources. The new houses are called "Green Lofts", and in order to offer a relaxing atmosphere beyond beauty and eco-friendly details, these houses have a wellness area with a swimming pool and a sauna.

The minds of the Italian designer Sergio Sampò and the American Interior Design specialist Tara Susanne Heap are behind this innovative project. They found a disused portion of land with a no longer in use workshop on it that they decided to relaunch the whole proposing a new concept of residence. It is realistic to imagine that many people may prove interested in investing in such a beautiful area, especially after noticing that houses there have been designed to further preserve this charming Unesco world heritage site.

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