Carsharing: eVeryride evolves into Andale

Carsharing: eVeryride evolves into Andale

The new innovative platform popular among Italians

Andale is the name of the new App conquering Italians in all main cities. Just a "click" is enough to be connected to all the platforms of carsharing, improving the service and the users' experience.

Carsharing has become a common practice in Italy, especially in cities like Rome and Milan. Therefore, something to bond all the services offered was definitely necessary. Andale was born with this purpose, as the heir of the App eVeryride. The ancestor was already very much appreciated not only in Italy but also by the whole international community. In fact, as reminded by the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, the European Commission has directly financed the project, defining it as "one of the best Apps to move around the city". Moreover, Andale has received more other prizes by several institutions and corporations, such as Edison, Intesa San Paolo, SDA Bocconi, IBM and Microsoft.

The new App is free to download and as an incentive to new customers it offers 150 minutes of free travelling in the city. On top of that, if a person sponsors Andale by sharing it with its contacts, he will receive more free minutes to travel in the city. It goes without saying that, if a friend registers Andale, the person who sponsored him will benefit from other bonuses.

Andale regroups the following services Car2go, Enjoy, E-vai, Guidami, Share'NGo, Zego, Uber, Bikemi and Taxi. The user is able to visualize a map where he could see all the vehicles close to his position. He will then be able to choose the one he prefers. Furthermore, Andale allows the customer to spare a lot of time since it automatically opens up 5 different Apps to compare the positions of the vehicles belonging to each of them.

So far, Andale stands out the only App in Italy and in the world that allows you to register to several carsharing services at the same time with a single action.

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