Cignature, the 4th gen sweethearts: «We are precious people who are indispensable to each other»
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Cignature, the 4th gen sweethearts: «We are precious people who are indispensable to each other»

If you had to describe cignature, their keyword would probably be “talentedsweetheart”. This 4th generation group that debuted in 2020, should be on your list of artists to look up to in 2022. Chaesol, Jiwon, Celine, Bell, Semi, Dohee, and Chloe have a deep aura and angelic voices. They can be charming and stylish at the same time, and their last album, Dear Diary Moment, is able to show all the colors of these talented girls and their seven unique personas. had the chance to interview them.

Welcome back, girls! How does it feel to be back with new music?

Chaesol: As it is an album released after a year and two months, this comeback is meaningful to everyone and contains various challenges. There was also a change in the members composition of cignature, and as the leader of the dance crew YGX participated in the performance, the choreography was completed in a very unique way. In many ways, this comeback is a new and special activity for us.

Belle: This title song "Boyfriend" is a song that all the members were enthusiastic about as soon as they heard it for the first time, so I was confident from the start. It's a song with a comfortable mood to listen to anytime, anywhere, and I think the performance will be approachable as well! I am very excited because I want more people to hear it.

There is no need but for those who still don’t know you well, would you please introduce yourself to the Italian public?

Jee won: Our cignature is a 7-member girl group consisting of Chaesol, Jee won, Seline, Chloe, Belle, Semi, and Do hee. A new album called "Dear Diary Moment" has been released after a year and two months since the promotion of the 1st mini album "Listen and Speak". For cignature, who has shown such a lively and unique performance so far, I think I can say that this album is a new challenge and a secret weapon. If you listen to "Boyfriend", the title track of this album, you will immediately understand why we are so confident, so those of you who are watching this interview! Listen to "Boyfriend" right now!

Seline: This is already the fourth promotion following "Nun Nu Nan Na", "ASSA", and "ARISONG". Members Chloe and Do hee are new friends from this album, and they are really good, as if they were together from the beginning. From the change of members to the concept of the album, there were a lot of new things our cignature showed this time. "Boyfriend", the title track of the 2nd mini-album "Dear Diary Moment" with a dreamy and secret sensibility! I hope you love it a lot.

Your new album is called "Dear Diary Moment" can you explain the concept behind it?

Semi: I want to say that this album is like a girl's diary. I think everyone has a diary that holds their precious moments and memories. The 2nd mini album "Dear Diary Moment" is an album that was completed as if slowly writing down the moments you want to remember and the moments you don't want to remember but have to be remembered. You will feel very special that the order and composition of the songs in the album give you the feeling of reading a secret diary.

This is your first release with two new members, Chloe and Do hee. Is this a new beginning for all of you, you must be excited.

Chloe: For us, "Dear Diary Moment" is our first activity and debut album. I've appeared in content before, but I'm more nervous than ever when releasing an album. More than anything else, I wanted to show the fans of the SignFan who continued to love the cignature, the way it naturally melted. We still lack a lot, but we will show you how we continue to grow.

Do hee: Being able to work with the cignature members is the most gratifying thing. The members really helped me a lot while preparing the album, so I was able to overcome my trembling heart well. Now that trembling has turned into excitement, I am very much looking forward to the new cignature. We will come back with a new look and various stages in the future, so please look forward to it!

Chaesol: Chloe and Do hee are really talented and charming friends. So, I think I am more attached to this activity, which is a comeback with the two members. The story of the new 7 people starts now, so please look forward to it.

Chloe, during your media showcase you talked about how you were studying data science at the University of Michigan by then you moved back to Korea to become an idol. How did your life changed after joining cignature?

Chloe: It's completely different. Before, I was just an ordinary girl who only studied. Since I even lived on campus, how serious must I have been in my studies? But I couldn't give up my dream of becoming an idol, so I came to Korea. Meeting the members and becoming a cignature member is a big turning point in my life. The experience of wearing pretty clothes and dancing on stage or being loved in various languages is really special. I've been given a rare opportunity, so I'll try my best.

Do hee, you graduated at the Hanlim Arts High Schooland you are well known to be a well- rounded artist and have great acting skills. How is your life now that you are a cignature member?

Do hee: Now, every day is so much fun. It's good to be with the unnies, and I don't know how much fun it is to promote with a new song. The best thing is that you can feel the love that the SignFan give you. I think it's a really happy thing to be loved and supported by someone like this. In order to keep this feeling of happiness, I will continue to grow and develop more and more as cignature's Do hee!

Let’s go back to your music. Every single a track of your new album gives us different vibes. It’s like listening to the story of our lives through your voices. ‘Boyfriend’ is something we can all relate to. We all had bad experiences, right? How do you overcome the difficulties in love?

Seline: When I have a bad experience, I want to spend time with my precious friends and members in my life. Or I think it would be a way to focus more on your usual hobbies. I have the belief that any difficulties can be overcome by living a busy life in my own way.
Jee won: I think I'll be completely all-in on what I'm doing right now to overcome the difficulties. I work harder as an idol, and I spend more time with my precious people. I believe that overcoming difficulties is ultimately love!Semi: If I have a bad experience, I just want to wait for the time to pass. If I live while doing my best in the waiting, won't any difficulties pass with the passing of time? Overcoming is also waiting.

Can we go through each track? We’d love to know which one is your favorite and why. I personally love "Climax" so much! And I can’t wait to see you perform it.

Belle: I like "My Diary" the most. I can hear the voices of our members who are full of personality just by listening to the song.

Do hee: Me too. "My Diary" is nice to hear each member's voice from the beginning. I think it's a very refreshing song that contains our usual tension well.

Jee won: My favorite song is "VILLAIN". It's my first time recording a guide, so I have a personal attachment to it, but I think it's better because the members who listened to my guide recorded it so well.

Seline: I like "Climax" the most. Semi's humming voice, which she enters for the first time, is my favorite part. The fact that the members recorded this song really well is a big deal.

Chloe: I am of the same opinion as Seline. I think "Climax" is the song that best captures the good points and characteristics of the members' vocals.

Semi: My favorite song is the last track "Sirius". I really like the feeling of being overwhelmed at the last bridge part. It's the first time we've all sang a ballad like this, so I'm more moved.

Chaesol: I also like "Sirius". First of all, the lyrics are so pretty and warm. I think many people will like the song's hopeful sensibility.

If you could choose an object to describe yourself right now, which would it be?

Chaesol: For me, 'water'. Our planet cannot survive without water. I put my wish to become a necessary existence wherever I go.

Jee won: I want to compare myself to ‘glasses’! Glasses are an essential item for those who need them. Also, through glasses, you can see the world with a clearer and clearer perspective. I also want many people to experience a better world through me.

Seline: I think of myself as an ‘auxiliary battery’. Auxiliary batteries are designed to be easily carried anywhere, anytime. Like me, I think of myself as a person who recharges energy and energy by the members’ side whenever I need it!

Chloe: I am a chameleon. Chameleons have the characteristic of showing different appearances depending on the environment. I am also a person who can show various charms from time to time!

Belle: I will liken myself to a ‘scheduler’. I am a bit meticulous, so I record and remember every day very diligently. So I will be very helpful to the members as well!

Semi: I'm a 'cell phone'! If I had to pick one thing that is really indispensable in today's society, it's definitely a cell phone. I think that I am too is an essential part of the cignature, so it's like a cell phone~

Do hee: I think of myself as a ‘ring’ person. The reason is a little childish, but... Because the ring is small and precious! Although he is the shortest member of cignature, I hope that you will think of it as precious.

Who are cignature right now?

Belle: The significance of cignature that only cignature has is ‘another family’. It's not really a family, but we're really like family, we're together every day. As we spend time together, we laugh and quarrel, and yet we can never fall apart. ‘We are precious people who are indispensable to each other.’ Perhaps, this is the thought that all cignature members are always thinking?

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