Outdoor fitness lovers happy to welcome MyEquilibria
Outdoor fitness lovers happy to welcome MyEquilibria
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Outdoor fitness lovers happy to welcome MyEquilibria

The Fitness Tree suitable for more than 500 exercises

The fitness tree - part of a structure called MyEquilibria - is the last invention set up to satisfy outdoor sport lovers. It is possible to train the muscles of the whole body and whoever starts exercising with it becomes part of a virtual community. Members can chat with one another and download more than 500 exercises in order to have several inputs. Through the ad hoc App, it will be possible to elaborate a specific fitness plan, by inserting the following parameters, i.e. age, sex, weight, time available and muscles interested.

MyEquilibria has a biometric design imitating nature and was conceived by the company Metalco Active.  The Italian Gianluca Innocenzi - the company's CEO - was the inventor of the fitness tree, given his long term experience in the fitness sector together with his passion for sport.

The idea also came out from a market analysis, highlighting that more than 600 million people practise some sort of physical activity. Out of this number, 470 million prefer open-air exercises. Nonetheless, 85% of the sample interviewed declared that it is very hard to find adequate equipment in open spaces. Furthermore, another study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine has pointed out that many people prefer those exercises involving the body weight, such as pulls.

The Tree is used in its bottom part to train users, who can also exercise up to 3 meters height. In order to avoid traumas and accidents, the base is made up of gum and other soft materials. The first structure will be installed in February 2016. The main expected buyers will be public authorities, which will locate the tree in parks, hotels and resorts with wide green spaces. Hopefully, we will see the Tree in Italy as well, even if the most interested markets in this innovation seem the United States and Brazil, where outdoor fitness activities are more popular than in Europe.

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