Made in Italy luxury, commitment and beauty
Made in Italy luxury, commitment and beauty
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Made in Italy luxury, commitment and beauty

Fashion, engines, jewellery. Isaiah, Lamborghini, Vhernier. From New York to This Is Italy parts unknown stories of successful business people

Simple things are the most difficult things to do really well,"says Gianluca Isaia, the creator, soul and entrepreneur of a tailoring brand that from Naples has conquered the world of male elegance.

And he says this in a video that opens the workshop on the fashion and luxury industry, the third in the series "This is Italy, parts unknown", the New York event organized by Panorama: a hilarious video, where Isaiah explains to an alter ego (he himself, filmed side by side and then digitally edited) the secrets of the tie, which looks like a simple and almost trivial accessory and encloses technology. How simple is it to make spaghetti with tomato sauce? And not even spaghetti is easy to do them well!

The main reason I made that video is that it's not easy to communicate the product to the consumer, and really interested in it, to have his attention and passion,"explains the entrepreneur. Our customers have to be involved in what we are and what we do, because they have to perceive the identity of our brand, which is everything. They have a good chance of experiencing an emotion, an immersive and profound experience when they come into contact with our brand.

This is why Isaia and its people periodically visit the sales staff of the shops and department stores that sell the brand "because it is easy for anyone to sell to the customer what they want, less easy is to tell a product and make it perceive, love and then buy".


A fascinating world, an extraordinary reserve of value for Italy and its expertise, the luxury sector. That remains very, very challenging.

In the luxury sector, there is not so much a better product as a different product ", explains Antonio Cipollone, chief operating officer of Vhernier, the goldsmith company born in Valencia in 1984, who has climbed the sector over the last twenty years and is now at the top of the world of jewellery," that's why identity is everything, and passion in those who make our creations as well as in those who sell them I remember that last year a private customer, here in the USA, bought a jewel for 10 million dollars: for us it was an absolute emotion, it was a work of art, destined for a wonderful woman, it was a great moment, but something like that we live it every day, we work with emotions, and we are proud of our daily work ".

Needless to say, Vhernier products are handmade and 100% made in Italy. So it's impossible to multiply too much production, we've been craftsmen for 30 years, it's our DNA,"adds Cipollone.

At the table, another mythical brand, the synonym of dream-cars: Lamborghini, through its chief operating officer in the U. S. Alessandro Farmeschi:"A Lamborghini is the classic example of an object that nobody needs but that everyone wants. I myself had the Countach poster on the wall of my room when I was a child. We work daily for this, to ensure that Lamborghini is an experience, that possessing one implies entering a community, which fully interprets the extraordinary content of values and emotions that the brand contains ".

There is so much work, almost maniacal, in the precision of detail and customer service, behind a Lamborghini: and there can also be a need for patience, as with that customer who first demanded a color out of repertoire, and very particular taste, for his new Lamborghini and then changed his mind and car, and did not want to withdraw the car that had had made paint in a unique and questionable way...

For Lamborghini, too, the focus is on the skills and sensitivity of the network of dealers who distribute cars, i. e. their ability to understand what is a unique product that can pass on to customers - as well as they too must be ready to do all the exclusivity of the brand.

And it is with a real hymn to the value of the brand that the workshop closes, thanks to a small secret revealed by Isaiah:"They proposed a few years ago to put our brand on a line of furniture, but I refused: too risky. It is an area where I could not have had full control of quality and processes.

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