From Ebay to DaWanda, how Italy is encouraging "makers"
From Ebay to DaWanda, how Italy is encouraging "makers"
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From Ebay to DaWanda, how Italy is encouraging "makers"

The first online platform completely dedicated to handicrafts

DaWanda is the new online marketplace entirely devoted to designers, makers and artisans from all over the world. The platform entered the Italian market on February 2014, representing a remarkable opportunity for many young talented entrepreneurs.

Undoubtedly, it is the case of Alessio Rocchi. Formerly an architect, he is today also known through the label "LOHN" (Little Objects for Huge Needs). Mr Rocchi realized that making affordable and modern objects was a way to earn money and become popular in the web. Consequently, he soon learnt how to sell his products on his own, developing a relationship with the clients and thinking about the entire sale cycle. It was a real success and DaWanda worked as a springboard to launch his business. As a matter of fact, the latter has mostly been an online one until the Maker Faire in Rome, where Alessio Rocchi had the first face-to-face contact with his buyers.

According to Mr. Rocchi, being a maker is a source of great satisfaction that constantly gives you new inputs and ideas for innovative projects. However, there are some difficulties that beginners have to go through, which mainly concern the understanding of online selling mechanisms. In particular, "it is essential to provide excellent pictures and a detailed description of the item you want to sell so as a competitive price".

Alessio Rocchi has a heart for environment and sustainability, two keywords to carry on a business effectively. In fact, his objects are "three times sustainable" in terms of materials employed, manufacturing scraps and ultimate products.

It goes without saying that DaWanda stands as a big opportunity for creative people like Rocchi to freely set up a new business. With its 4,3 million users and 18 million visits per month, the platform is a big shopping window for several items and all tastes.

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