DaWanda launches the poject “Made in Italy”
DaWanda launches the poject “Made in Italy”
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DaWanda launches the poject “Made in Italy”

Seven Categories of handmade goods to tell about the strengths of Italian craftmanship

DaWanda stands out as the online market of unique handmade products. This year, its top management decided to launch a project called "Made in Italy" to tell about Italian excellence to an international public. Seven categories were chosen to represent the "Italianess" through handmade products artists and designers offer on DaWanda.

The first is Italian Leather. It is certainly one of the most famous sector within "Made in Italy", which has several options on the online platform. In fact, shoes, bags, belts and accessorizes are available. Among them, Mr Mattia (creator of Ma Và, tobacco series) and the small business Shopsmart are akready quite popular abroad.

Fashion For Men is the second category. The Italian handmade pruducts (ScoccaPapillon's bow ties or WoodMi's innovative covers) make whaterver style unique. It does not matter whether the customer is a hipster or a yuccie (young urban creative), it will be the product that will make the difference on him.

Home Accessories was chosen as third category to represent "Made in Italy". An alternative trend is common among all the creative sellers, like Designobject. Greetings From Italy includes all the symbols representing the country. Examples are miniatures of the main sights such as the Colosseum and Milan Cathedral but also of the Vespa. Within this category, Arianna Piazza offers some elegant items in ceramics.

Handcrafted Jewellery is represented through different styles and materials. Since every 20 seconds a jewel is sold, it seems fair to say that this category is one of the most appreciated on DaWanda. Italian Tailoring is devoted to female fashion, offering a wide range of products, embracing all styles and occasions. A big name is the designer Jonida Ripani.

Finally, Paper Reloaded concerns the use of paperas a tool for interior decoration. Within this scenario, Ideatagliolaserand Davide Paganotti let their creativity go beyond the traditions, making paper lamps, armchairs and forniture, which are becoming very popular.

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