B Settecento: a company that has it all
Roberto Salomone
B Settecento: a company that has it all

B Settecento: a company that has it all

Exquisite tailoring, a passion for detail, attention to the nuance of color and unequalled Italian craftsmanship. This is the recipe for success of B Settecento, the Campania-based company specialized in the manufacture of men’s trousers which, from the city of Nola, is out to conquer the international fashion world.

Theirs is a recent story. The company, with a number of years of experience in making men’s trousers for brands such as Betwoin, to name just one, was founded just two years ago. Despite its youth, the progress it has made make it a winner. Each year its turnover has doubled and it promises to keep growing at the same rate in the future. In fact, orders for the first six months of 2015 have already exceeded all of 2014.

“We try to make pants that are as Italian as possible with tremendous attention to detail and in the fabrics we choose,” says Giancarlo Nastro, CEO of B Settecento (photo). Its goal is to obtain the best fit possible. This is one of the reasons why all production takes place in Italy, in the inland areas of Benevento and Avellino, where experience in sewing, tailoring and color still draws on the manual expertise of the past.

Demand for B Settecento trousers is also expanding abroad, in Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and even Japan and Hong Kong. “Outside this country, the Made in Italy product we create is very attractive and this is why we are aiming at conquering new markets,” says Nastro. Their first goal will be the United States, with their entry in March of next year into the New York market. And from there, to other cities in the United States and other countries on the North American continent.

B Settecento’s attention may be more concentrated on foreign markets, but it hasn’t lost sight of the Italian market. “We also have plans to expand in Italy,” says Nastro, who adds, “here, today people who buy are more attuned to the excellence of the product, and we want to grow together with this new trend.” 

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