2PM's comeback it's a MUST

2PM's comeback it's a MUST

Their come back album is called MUST. And the name fits the public's feeling about 2PM's long-awaited comeback. Born in 2008, the group is composed of six members: JUN. K, NICHKHUN, TAECYEON, WOOYOUNG, JUNHO, and CHANSUNG. Pioneers and the faces of the Hallyu wave, the group is now back after a five-year hiatus (due to the inevitable military enlistment), and five years since the release of GENTLEMEN'S GAME. With their Seventh album, "Make it," which is already a hit song, 2PM proved that they still are the Hottest group in the industry.

Panorama had the chance to speak with 2PM's WOOYOUNG - lyricist and composer for the new album's title track - in an exclusive interview.

Congratulations on your comeback! We've been waiting for you! Would you please tell us how you feel about being back as a whole group?

«I don't know how to explain it in words. After five years, all the members are back together to prepare for the album. I'm so touched to see that the album is out in the world, and it's receiving so much attention and love. Thank you».

About MUST, your new album, could you please introduce it to us?

«The reason why the album is called MUST is because it contains our confidence that it's an album that you must listen to and see. I think this shows that the effort of our company staff have put in and the unity of our members were in the best condition. Musically, it is much more emotional, and we tried to express our most genuine present».

As the one who wrote and composed the title song, can you please explain 'Make it' to us?

«First, the question «If love comes over me again, how should I approach that love with what words?» came to my mind. In this song, I wanted to express my earnest desire for something that I really want to do, have to do, and have no choice but to do. I think it was possible to create even more naturally because my feelings for this 2PM album were also the same».

We are curious about how you've grown as a group and what your comeback means.

«2PM is a team that has always thought the most about performing on stage. Music obviously comes first, and it was our responsibility to keep our individual positions and work tirelessly for both that music and that stage. This comeback is also a continuation of that effort. It's where we focused on repaying the fans' support and go back to communicating with the public».

WOOYOUNG, could you tell us your favorite track in this new album and why?

«It's hard to choose. I think the most important part was the «Intro.» I contemplated a lot about it because it's the track that opens the beginning of an album and naturally leads to the songs that follow. The conclusion was: let's start with music without vocals. It's a song that introduces us entirely without any compromise».

2PM is well known and loved all over the world! HOTTEST are everywhere and the Italian fandom is huge. Have you visited Italy before? I wonder if you are willing to perform in Italy.

«We haven't been to Italy yet, and I hope that opportunity comes soon. We're always waiting for that time, and though we're far away, we'll never forget the support of our Italian fans. Thank you».

The album's title is MUST. What do you think it's a must-do for 2PM?

«To stay where we are and continue to make music, and for each member to engage in various activities».

* Subtitles by Serena Mouren

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