VANNER to the conquer

VANNER to the conquer

VENI VIDI VICI is the first new album of the K-pop group after winning the idol survival show Peak Time and a monument to their journey in the industry

VANNER, the ''Peak Time' idol survival show winner group composed by Taehwan, Gon, Hyesung, Sunggook, and Yeonggwang, is back with their latest album, VENI VIDI VICI, a triumphant monument to their journey of overcoming fate and embracing a brighter future.

"VENI VIDI VICI," which translates to "I came, I saw, I conquered!" in Latin, captures the heart of VANNER's determination and desire. This spirit is reflected in their current album, featuring a unique blend of tracks representing all parts of their vibrant charm and creative musical approach.

Their tenacity and determination have characterized VANNER's rise to stardom. Their journey began long before their official debut, when they performed over 200 live on-stage events in Japan, establishing their presence and honing their artistry. This dedication set the groundwork for their official debut on February 14, 2019, with the release of their first album, V, and their unforgettable appearance on Mnet'sMnet's music show' " M Countdown.'' What distinguishes VANNER is their deep commitment to all aspects of their music and performances. VANNER bucked the standard in a business where debut albums frequently rely on outside assistance. They not only performed as vocalists and dancers but also actively contributed to creating songs, composing music, choreographing, devising concepts, and styling. Their debut album, V, demonstrated their flexibility and determination. Significant milestones were added to the group's success story. VANNER started on a successful U.S. tour, ''VANNER RISING IN THE U.S.,'' in 2020, dazzling audiences in five cities in just ten days. Life, their second single album, was another triumphant chapter in their journey, establishing their industry status.

VANNER's journey reached new heights when they competed in the JTBC idol survival show, Peak Time, in February 2023, an authentic tribute to their talent and popularity. VANNER, who appeared on the show as Team 11:00, not only demonstrated their abilities but also won the hearts of fans worldwide. They were crowned victors with an incredible total of 1.46 million votes, indicating their devoted fan base and overwhelming popularity. With ''Peak Time,'' VANNER gave their fans two enthralling new songs, "Skyscraper" and "Prime Time." These tracks reaffirmed their ability to make enthralling and dynamic music that appeals to a global audience.

The story of triumph and unbreakable spirit is at the heart of their latest album, VENI VIDI VICI. The album includes six tunes covering a broad spectrum of emotions and musical styles, each highlighting VANNER's charm. "PERFORMER," the focus track, portrays the pleasure of overcoming obstacles and stepping on stage in front of an excited audience. "Diamonds" combines bright and cheery tones with guitar, bass, and rhythmic drumming. "TBH" delves into the feelings of love at first sight, whereas "WANT U BACK" expresses desire and reunion. "Savior" is a touching homage to VANNER's devoted followers, showcasing their love and appreciation for their fans. The album closes with the 2023 version of "FORM," a title track from their 2020 2nd single album LIFE, reimagined with fresh arrangements.

VENI VIDI VICI is a combination of three distinct themes illustrating VANNER's journey: ''Victory Banner,'' which symbolizes their name; ''Voyage of Dreams,'' which represents their path to attaining their dreams; and ''Stable Love,'' which reflects their strong link with their fans. The record's theme also gently incorporates their fanbase name, ''VVS,'' indicating their thankfulness and close connection with fans.

VANNER's music and perseverance remain a source of encouragement as they continue on their path to success. With each new album, they emphasize their message of overcoming obstacles, embracing dreams, and dominating the music world with an unbreakable spirit. had the chance to chat with them on Zoom.

Nice to meet you, boys. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

All: Hi, we are Vanner!

Taehwan: Hi, I'm the leader, Taehwan, and I'm the main vocal.

Gon: Hi, my name is Gon; I'm Vanner's main dancer, rapper, and vocal.

Hyesung: Hi, I'm the smokeshow Hyesung.

Sungkook: Hi, nice to meet you; My name is Sungkook.

Yeonggwang: Hi, I'm Yeongkwang the maknae of the group.

Let's start talking about your new album, Veni Vidi Vici. It's a powerful motto with a strong historical value: How did you choose it?

Taehwan: We wanted to have a fresh start after winning the competition program Peak Time, so as a first start, we were looking for a phrase that goes well with our present circumstances and everything. We were searching for something that looked great, and that's how we met with the Veni Vidi Vici Latin phrase. So that's why we got this name.

Hyesung: Also, the alphabet letter V has a lot of meanings for Vanner. Because Vanner starts with V, but also the fandom is VVS. So V has a lot of meanings to us, and we wanted to have this album to have the letter V inside.

You declined it in three versions: Victory Banner, Voyage of Dreams, and Stable Love. Which is your favorite above these, and why?

Gon: I honestly can't choose one; all of them are my favorites.

While Gon was speaking, all the members put their thumbs up, agreeing with him.

As we said, VVS are the not-so-hidden red thread that connects all the album versions. What does VVS mean to you?

Taehwan: The name VVS was an idea of Gon, and the reason he named it like this is because VVS is the highest rate of the diamond.

Gon: VVS are the most important people for us because they help us to shine brighter on the stage.

Hyesung: Since VVS we helped us when we went through hard times in the past, we are very thankful for it, and still, they make us shine bright.

The album has six tracks. One of these, Want You Back, was written and composed by MONSTA X'SX'S HYUNGWON. How was working with him, and what was your first reaction when you heard the song?

Gon: . It was such an honor to get a song from a senior artist like HYUNGWON; while making the song, he directed us so we could have confidence while performing it, and he helped a lot. When we first heard the song, we thought it was incredible; we really loved working with HYUNGWON.

You debuted in 2019, and then Covid happened. Peak Time was like a rebirth for you. How did you change between your debut and after Peak Time?

Hyesung: The main difference before Peak Time and after the competition is the number of stages we perform on now. During the pandemic, we didn't have many stages we could go on to, so now we get to perform more.

Yeonggwang: Also, another significant difference after Peak Time is in the number of followers we had on social media. They multiplied four times after the competition, so we are now experiencing a lot of satisfactory and happy days.

I think VVS are curious to know more about your daily habits; if you had to choose a drink - just one - to drink forever, which would it be?

Taehwan: Pepsi

Gon: Gatorade

Hyesung: Lemonade

Sungkook: Water

Yeonggwang: Water!

And which scent is your favorite?

Taehwan: A cool scent

Gon: Olive and musk

Hyesung: Eau (the parfume)

Sungkook: VVS! (All the members start laughing and making fun of Sungkook, who stands still on his choice)

Yeonggwang: Black cherry

Which song are you listening to on repeat lately?

Taehwan: Diamond, Vanner

Gon: Performer, Vanner

Hyesung: Seven, BTS' JungKook

Sungkook: Want U Back, Vanner

Yeonggwang: Rainy, One X

The chaos started after Sungkook's answer; the group began listing all its tracks. Hyesung added Vanner's Debut to the list, and everybody joined in.

Which is your favorite part of the day and why?

Taehwan: My favorite time is when I return home, after all the schedule, and I get to spend some time alone.

Hyesung: 2 AM because the world outside seems very quiet, still.

Gon: I agree with Hyesung.

Sungkook: Right now, the time I'm having an interview with you.

Yeonggwang: 3 PM, because it's when the gym is less crowded.

What is your MBTI?

Taehwan: ESFJ

Gon: ENFP (but sometimes I'm ENTP)

Hyesung: INFP

Sungkook: ISTP

Yeonggwang: ESTP

If you had to describe yourself in one word, which would it be?

Taehwan: Sweet.

Gon: Talented.

Hyesung: Smokeshow.

Sungkook: Realistic.

Yeonggwang: Tree.

What's next for VANNER?

Gon: We would love to visit Italy, it's a beautiful country, and maybe sooner or later?

Hyesung: We are just starting our activities for the new album and title Performer, so we will keep going on stage and performing for our fans. And, of course, we will release new music in the future.

One last question: Who are VANNER now?

Taehwan: Vanner are idol like a Genie from Alibaba and the Lamp because we have shown the fans that if you keep on going and want to make true what you dream, if you keep going on, the dream can come true. And we proved we can do it, so I think we are kind of Genies.

Gon: A group whose members want to have a positive impact on society and deliver vital and happy energy to those listening to our music.

Hyesung: Vanner are Perfomers.

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