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The first boy group to debut from SM Entertainment in 7 years presented in Seoul its first single album, Get A Guitar

«Our group name is made out of two words - rise and realize - that's why we'll always do our best to rise to the occasion and realize our dreams».

Seoul, September 4th. Even though we are watching his debut, RIIZE member WONBIN (원빈) speaks with a sort of ease usually reserved for more seasoned idols. Even though the group is meeting the press for the first time on this sunny September day, RIIZE has already exceeded all expectations with over 1.03 million albums pre-ordered. They even broke the record for the fastest K-pop group to hit 1 million followers on Instagram just four days after their account was launched. RIIZE's debut gathered a lot of excitement, as they are the first boy group to debut from SM Entertainmentin 7 years. MC of the event was none other than Super Junior's LEETEUK, who got the media at the venue very sentimental to see him being present as a seasoned MC who has hosted many press conferences.

Of that record, they say: «We were very surprised by all the love we received before our debut. That's great motivation to us to do better and work harder». RIIZE already had a chance to meet their numerous fans - named BRIIZE - during KCON last August.

Their debut single, Get a Guitar - which the group says was loved by all of them since the first listen - with its retro synthesizers and funky guitar rhythms, speaks of the members gaining musical inspiration as a team and boasts the rookie group's distinctive color, also thanks to the choreography and the music video, shot on the streets of Los Angeles.

«It was so much fun shooting in Los Angeles. There is a scene we had to record in the middle of traffic. We would dance and then stop to let the cars pass by,» recall the members with a smile from the stage of the Blue Square music venue in central Seoul.

About the title track 'Get A Guitar', SM told is a pop genre song with retro synth sounds and funky guitar rhythms. The lyrics portray the members gathering together in one place, driven by the guitar sound. While it shows the members becoming one team by understanding each other through music, it delivers the message that the team will finally unfold their shining dreams.

The second song, 'Memories', was praised since its release on August 21st as the pre-release single of RIIZE's debut album. 'Memories' is a pop genre song that provokes nostalgia with its synthesizers and guitar sounds. The song portrays the cherished times when the members trained and practiced together while sharing the same dream and their youthful first step toward the bigger world.

Being the latest rookie group by SM Entertainment, the septet - composed of SHOTARO, EUNSEOK, SUNGCHAN, WONBIN, SEUNGHAN, SOHEE, and ANTON - already has big plans for the future. Led by the co-directors of the «Wizard» production center, Lee Sangmin and Kookie Kim (responsible for groups such as Super Junior and EXO), RIIZE are bound to introduce us to a new genre of music labeled «Emotional Pop».

About their own personal goals the members mentioned winning the Rookie Awards, but also performing around the world to meet their supportive fanbase. ANTON, in particular, says he would love to play at the MET Life Stadium (ANTON lived in New Jersey for a time).

RIIZE has also signed a partnership with RCA Records with Joseph Chang, CEO of SM and Kakao Entertainment America/CBO of SM Entertainment commenting: «RIIZE is ushering in an exciting new era of K-pop. We are thrilled to partner with the amazing team at RCA and look forward to making history together».

John Fleckenstein, COO, RCA Records added: «RIIZE are set to break new boundaries in global pop with an entirely fresh perspective. We are proud to partner with the incredible team at SM Entertainment and their incredible track record of artist development».

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