In New York City, Panorama d' Italia awards for Italian excellence
In New York City, Panorama d' Italia awards for Italian excellence
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In New York City, Panorama d' Italia awards for Italian excellence

The dinner gala of "This is Italy - Parts Unknown" at Harvard club with the message of President Mattarella and the Leadership Excellence Awards

Entrepreneurs, politicians, but also the world of finance and culture, Italian and international. The appointment with excellence, creativity, the ability to make innovation of our country on November 1 was at Harvard club, a prestigious New York institution, which opened its doors at Panorama d' Italia for one of the most solemn moments of its American stage, This Is Italy Parts Unknown.

One is the exceptional tribute: the message of encouragement and support from the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, read by Ambassador Armando Varricchio:"I am sure that Italian excellence will be a testimony of our ability and our openness to the future".


A hymn to Italian excellence

Fernando Napolitano, president and CEO of IB&II, is convinced of this, who inaugurating the evening, as landlord, hoped that the New York stage of Panorama d' Italia could help to make American investors understand that Italy is a country where you can do "serious business".

Food and wine and fashion, hi tech and institutions. The Italian excellences present in the hall, underlined Giorgio Mulè, director of Panorama,"embody the idea of that national conscience that exalts the moral force against materialism". The same idea that Ralph Waldo Emerson, an illustrious student of Harvard University, handed down to the Americans, contributing to make the United States the nation of nations:"individualism and democracy are two inseparable sides - Mulè continues - And individualism is not synonymous with selfishness, because there is no individualism without courage and social responsibility. For this reason Rossano Bartoli of the" League of the Golden Wire "came here from Italy" introducing in this way the charity partner of the initiatives of Panorama d' Italia, the organization that takes care of girls and boys, young people and deaf and blind adults.

The gala dinner thus becomes a moment of reflection and support for a project, the construction of a new Centre in Osimo to accommodate more patients and their families:"We need a lot of help to realize our dream - says Bartoli - We rely on the generosity of this great country".

Leadership Excellence Awards

The long evening of Panorama d' Italia in New York continued with the award ceremony "Leadership Excellence Award" for the protagonists of doing business in Italy who have been able to stand out and excel as the Grimaldi Group which, thanks to technological innovation, is today one of the most modern and eco-sustainable naval fleets in the world; or as Isaiah, leader of Italian fashion and style.

The prize went also to Vito Mollica, the chef who promotes the flavours of Italian cuisine; to Eicma because he has become a world reference point for the two-wheeler sector; to Sicily by car who in just over 60 years has created the largest car rental group in Italy; to the philanthropist Reginald Van Lee and to two Italian institutions: the Lombardy region ("it is the third richest in Europe, we produce 20% of GDP,".

The tenor Vittorio Grigolo

But the "Leadership Excellence Award" could not fail to go even to those who, with his extraordinary voice, represent Italy in the world: Vittorio Grigolo, young and powerful tenor,"a unique mix of talent, genius, professionalism and charisma" as Mulè introduces him. Grigolo climbs up the stage and thanks in his own way, singing the song written by Claudio Villa "You who took my heart". Extraordinary. The hall explodes in a very long applause.

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