PENTAGON are back and they exclusive IN:VITE U into their world

PENTAGON are back and they exclusive IN:VITE U into their world

IN:VITE U’s lead single, Feelin’ Like has everything: an addictive intro with heavy beats, a great chorus, and a choreography that makes you dance even if you’re sitting at your desk. No surprise that this bop led PENTAGON’s to the top of the Gaon Download chart, ranking as the best-selling song in South Korea at the moment. It was about time for the world to recognize Pentagon’s power.

The K-pop group signed under Cube Entertainment has been recording and releasing music together since 2016 and has made his comeback 10 months after their last album. The new one, titled IN:VITE U combines the words “invite” and “vite” (which means "quickly” and talks about the invitation to a new world where PENTAGON’s meet you and quickly fall for you. A brand-new concept for the group that also shows all the members' colors and their vocal talent. talked with them in an exclusive interview.

Congratulations, guys, on your come back. How are you feeling?

HONGSEOK: Since It‟s our first comeback in 10 months, I‟m really looking forward to it. UNIVERSE! Did you miss us? Here we come!!

YUTO: I‟ve longed to come back as PENTAGON since last year. JINHO, one of our main vocalists, is finally back so I want to be grateful for each day of this promotion.

Let's talk about IN:VITE U. How did you come up with the album?

KINO: We had a lot of discussions and meetings with our members and all staff members during the production process of this album, so I‟m very confident to say this is the album that is made with the highest level of understanding and perfectionism than ever before.

WOOSEOK: As it is an album that we‟re releasing for the first time in a while, it was crafted carefully as we paid attention to the details for a long time. So through this album, we can show yet another side of PENTAGON.

You are talking about a “new world” and a “new attitude towards love”. Is this the beginning of a new era for PENTAGON? How would you describe this chapter you are entering into?

SHINWON: We thought that now it is time to show a more mature PENTAGON.

WOOSEOK: You can think of it as one of the many transformations of PENTAGON. In this album, the word “change” is more about changes in expressions and attitude.

Let’s talk about your songs; you guys worked on that producing them too. Can you share with us some behind the scene of the production time?

JINHO: We had numerous meetings from the concept planning stage right after our title track was confirmed. There was a specialized team in our company and I kind of bothered the staff members, and thankfully it resulted in great output. It may seem easy to sing this song but it actually needs some complex vocal skills, so I directed the vocals during the recording session and it was very hard. But it was great that everyone did a good job.

KINO: I thought it would be better to have all tracks to be in sync under one theme, so I was really careful to choose the theme and keywords, which made me take extra time to produce the songs.

Your title track 'Feelin' Like' is so good. Despite the chill and respectful feelings that are your trademark, the lyrics are straightforward and express transformation. How did love can change a person's life?

HONGSEOK: I think the power of love is great, just like how our lives changed after meeting our fans UNIVERSE. I CAN‟T LIVE WITHOUT YOU UNIVERSE!

YEOONE: I think love can change everything in one‟s life like how my life changed after I met UNIVERSE.

Your title track is also inspired by one of the powerful myths about love: Galatea, Pygmalion's statue of a woman who came to life through a kiss. How did you choose it?

WOOSEOK: KINO wrote the lyrics and he explained the story to us. I liked how the atmosphere of the song and the motif from the myth fit well, and I thought I could express myself in many ways.

JINHO, welcome back. You, KINO and WOOSEOK participated in the lyrics. I’d like to understand with you what did you feel while writing this track.

JINHO: Thank you. We focused on making a unique, mature identity of PENTAGON from a theme that may seem cliché. It would be impossible unless we know each other well.

And then we have five other tracks. Which one is your favorite and why?

YEOONE: I personally like „One Shot‟ the most. I often sing along because of the addictive melody.

YANAN: The track that I love the most is „The Game‟! I like the song because of its unique style!

This is your 12th mini album. How did you guys change since the beginning? Can you recall a remarkable memory of these times as Pentagon’s?

YUTO: Everyone has grown up as a person and a performer, and it cannot be compared with our early days around debut. The most memorable promotion was the 'Daisy' era, which gave us our first win on a music show.

KINO: Now each member is highly engaged and participating when we make an album and I think it has driven a huge growth of our dedication and love toward our own albums. As much as I‟d want to buy them myself. I can't forget all the creative processes of all our albums.

You always fill your albums with a lot of emotions. UNIVERSE feel safe while listening to your voices. Is music therapeutic for those who put their feelings in it too?

YEOONE: Absolutely! We are being comforted by music and empowered by music, and we are also living our lives as happy listeners.

Since the last time we spoke things with Covid didn’t improve much. Some can start feeling pressured by the situation. Did it happen to you? If you have a suggestion for your fans struggling right now, which will it be?

JINHO: I feel bad about this situation because it's my job to sing on stage for my fans who love our music, but I'm so grateful for UNIVERSE who support us even when we're apart. “Every cloud has a silver lining”, so I‟m sure we will go back to what our lives were like very soon. Hang in there till the day we meet again!

HONGSEOK: We also feel very sorry for the current situation. However, what doesn‟t kill you makes you stronger! We should get up and keep moving forward, especially during these challenging times!!!

The atmosphere is relaxed so we played a game.

Can we do a quick game? I’ll ask three questions; you have 10 seconds to answer.*
1/ If you were a movie/tv show, which one would you be?
2/ And if you were a song?
3/ What do you crave right now?

1. Harry Potter – I love this series so much that I want to be a part of this saga. Ron Weasley would be good.
2. SUMMER! It‟s the only song I wrote the lyrics for based on my own experience, so it best expresses myself, haha.
3. 1st place on a music show!

1. Iron Man – because I like him!
2. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger
3. Success

1. John Wick. The lonesome long hair and sleek charms.
2. One Shot. It's our story.
3. A successful promotion with my members

1. Friends. A lot of funny things happen with my friends in my daily life!
2. Track 9 by Lee So Ra
3. Concert (world tour)

1. I want to host a news show as an announcer in China. Since I was young I was told that my diction is good, so I want to give it a try.
2. SHA LA LA, a fun night on a Saturday! I‟m always happy on Saturdays
3. When our promotions are over, I want to go on a trip with all our members!

1. I would be Park Sae Ro Yi of „Itaewon Class‟ because he lives a life where he keeps on challenging himself until he is satisfied and stays true to his faith!
2. Valley - SOCIETY
3. Bass guitar!

1. I‟d say Spiderman. Tom Holland‟s version in particular. He has a great sense of justice but is somewhat clumsy...
2. I Fall In Love Too Easily by Chet Baker!
3. An in-person concert!!!!!

1. Transformer. One of my strengths is my imagination, going as far as transforming cars that go beyond our imaginations.
3. A concert with UNIVERSE

Do you have any messages for your fans?

SHINWON: UNIVERSE, we worked hard for this album and I know you will give lots of support for us. We will give our best to show you our best.

YUTO: Dear UNIVERSE who always give us energy! It‟s so sad that I can‟t say thank you in person. I‟m sure we will meet one day, so let‟s keep it going until then! Love you always!!

YANAN: UNIVERSE, I miss you all so so much. We‟re always working hard, let‟s meet once things get better! Love you!

All the images are Courtesy of REELS Corporation

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