Ten selfies for Italy
Ten selfies for Italy

Ten selfies for Italy

A list of skills Italy can use to challenge the financial crisis

What is Italy good at? According to Fondazione Symbola, a Rome-based think tank focused on promoting Italian skills, beauties and strengths, there are at least ten things the whole country should be proud of. A report titled "Italy in 10 selfies" was recently published to state this point and to inspire the country to change its focus if it want to challenge the crisis.  Here they are:

1) Italy is among the only five countries in the world that boasts a surplus in the manufacturing sector for over 100 billion dollars;

2) Italian companies are among the world's most competitive;

3) Considering the aggregate debt (State, families and businesses), Italy is one of the least indebted countries in the world;

4) For 77 products, Italy leads the agricultural-food market worldwide;

5) Italy is the second most competitive country in the global machinery market;

6) Green economy gives Italian enterprises a turbo boost (which means that those who bet on the green economy succeeded, transforming green jobs in the new protagonists of national innovation, covering 70% of all recruitment intended for research and development in Italian companies);

7) Italy leads Europe in terms of the eco-efficiency of the production system, and we are champions of the recycling industry, too;

8 ) Culture brings wealth (which means that almost 6 per cent of Italian wealth comes from culture);

9) Italy is the preferred Eurozone destination of non-European tourists -and in particular for those coming from  China, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Australia, the US and Canada, thanks to its culture, beauty and quality (of life, food, fashion, design, and many other things);

10) Cohesion: a recipe to compete (which means that Italian enterprises needs to be more "cohesive" if they want to be competitive and successful. How to be cohesive? Easy to answer: just strengthen your connections with the community, workers and territories and invest in competences, sustainability, quality and beauty).

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