Migration as a priority within the European Union

Migration as a priority within the European Union

The new vademecum of the European Commission

The European Commission has recently published a vademecum to help member states with the hot issue of migration. In particular, the handbook supports national and regional authorities with strategies and projects devoted to the integration of migrants using the available resources within the European Union (EU).

The main goal of the vademecum is to contribute to defining synergic local strategies of integration within the Union. The document identifies 5 strategic priorities to foster integration in a global and effective way: hosting, education, employment, accommodation and access to public services.

For instance, in the education sector, it is possible to use two different European funds at the same time to make schools more inclusive: the European Fund for Regional Development (FESR) and the European Social Fund (FSE). These funds can be used to make schools more modern and accessible while the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund can support the training of the educators. In addition, the Fund for European Aid can help the most deprived people with the material assistance needed.

At the moment, member states have a wide range of EU-financed tools to use in the field of integration, such a language courses, healthcare, support to find a job, and a house. These actions are mostly undertaken thanks to the European Structural and Investment Funds, the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, and Fund for European Aid.

An innovative tool introduced by the New Skills Agenda for Europe provides for the establishment of the European tool for the assessment of third-country citizens' skills. The latter is a new initiative (both online and offline) that enables citizens from third countries to communicate their skills, qualifications and work experiences in order to be more visible for the employers and organizations working with migrants within the EU.

Migration still stands as a priority in the Union, as confirmed by the recent proposal from the Commission to invest more in the integration of migrants during the mid-term review of the budgetary framework for the period 2014-2020.

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