How education can boost employment and competitiveness

How education can boost employment and competitiveness

Expo Training is the best place in Italy where to learn about the importance of training courses for SMEs

Every company in the world, and small and medium enterprises in particular, should be aware that education is crucial for them to boost employment and competitiveness. However, Expo Training, the Italian fair specialized in education, has recently published some new data showing that less and less companies today keep education among their priorities.

From the interviews to a sample of nearly one thousand companies, it emerged that only 18 per cent of small and medium enterprises are still used to organize education sessions for their employees. Further, most of them lament that it is more and more difficult to find highly professional and specialized worker in the job market.

According to Expo Training's experts, education is crucial not only to raise the rate of competitiveness of the company, but also to generate new employment opportunities. Education is useful to help hired employees to develop the skills they need to understand markets as well as a business backgrounds that are constantly evolving, and it is also crucial to help new workers to familiarize with the company's habits, priorities and challenges.

In 2013, in Italy, only 10 per cent of small enterprises (up to 100 employees) and 25 per cent of the medium ones (up to 300 employees) offered training courses. 60 per cent of them were located in the North, 20 in the centre and 20 in the South.

Although public fundings for education have been significantly reduced due to the spending review that followed the global financial crisis, Expo Training's experts have realized that even companies that cannot afford to finance them are aware of how useful training courses could be in areas such as: marketing, security, management, foreign languages, IT, production techniques, interpersonal communication, green economy, quality, law and finance.

In early October (1-3) the fourth edition of Expo Training will be organized in Milan, where nearly 5 thousand visitors will have the chance to get in touch with dozens of societies specialized in training courses and to attend education-related seminars and workshops. For those who want to go back to training, this is an occasion that cannot be missed.

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