MIRAE’s bright future is painted with a «Splash» of their unique colors
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MIRAE’s bright future is painted with a «Splash» of their unique colors

They're not a rookie group anymore. MIRAE are back with new music, a powerful title track, SPLASH that from the start invites the listener to "deep up" into the group's world, and their second mini-album named as their main track. The septet, composed by Lee Junhyuk, Son Dongpyo, Khael, Park Siyoung, Lien, Jang Yubin, and Yoo Douhyun, debuted last March under DSP Media, the same agency of the well-known to the Italian public KARD. The story behind the group name and their fandom's official nickname is quite unique. Since MIRAE means "future" in Korean, the guys chose last April NOW as their fandom name because MIRAE, thanks to their fans, NOW exists.

Panorama.it talked with them.

Welcome back, guys. SPLASH is a real hymn and represents your motivation to keep moving forward in the music industry. Can you tell us more about this song?

LIEN - 'Splash' contains the story of MIRAE. We opened a new era, so the songs show our excitement, like the one you feel when you see the sea for the first time in an unfamiliar but beautiful world. The track also shows how we will continue to move forward without being afraid of "surfing" on these deep waters.

Yubin – With this song, we can also show you our powerful choreography and sexy visuals. We will be like the 'Splash' that makes you cool in the summer.

In Splash's MV, you are wrapped up in a wave, and you dive and dance into a new world. This is what's happening with the Hallyu wave you are part of. Where would MIRAE like to go as a group?

Junhyuk – After COVID-19 is gone, I think we can do everything! I am really sad that we can't meet fans all over the world directly. We miss fans! I hope we can experience the concerts, fan sign events, world-tour soon. MIRAE will work hard to make a new history of K-POP!

Douhyun – I want to be the freshest idol. I hope to show that MIRAE has passion and dynamic energy.

This is your second mini-album; it includes a lot of different genres of music and shows your versatility. What is your favorite track of the album, and why?

Junhyuk - 'Bang-Up'. It can help you be energetic!

LIEN - 'SUGAR'. Everyone who listened to the demo version of 'SUGAR' said, "So awesome!"

Douhyun - '#Secret'. It's a very refreshing song like '1 Thing', but different.

KHAEL - 'SUGAR'. Many fans expected that MIRAE would release a bright song. I think 'SUGAR' is the most delightful song in 'Splash-MIRAE 2nd Mini Album', so I recommend it.

Dongpyo - 'New Days'. I fell in love with this song when I first listened to it. It is my favorite song in all MIRAE albums.

Siyoung - 'Bang-Up'. It is a hot-spicy song. I hope we can enjoy this song together.

Yubin - '#Secret'. It is the cutest song in 'Splash-MIRAE 2nd Mini Album'. And its lyrics are also lovely.

The album features a lot of dance tracks. Which one would you like to perform more, and which one would you think will be the most difficult to choreograph?

KHAEL – I really want to show you 'Bang-Up' performance. We prepared 'Bang-up' for a long time. I'm sure that 'Bang-Up' choreography will be so great to watch and nice! And it is also the most difficult to dance.

Siyoung –I'd love to show you 'Splash' performance. But to me, 'Bang-Up' was the most challenging choreography to prepare. 'Bang-Up' performance has no rest time! It is a nonstop choreography, and we need to express all kinds of feelings in it.

You debuted last March, and you already made a comeback. What's next for you? What are you trying to achieve as a group?

LIEN - 'Splash' was first place nominees on the broadcast. I hope we will be in the first place during the next promotions.

Yubin – I hope that MIRAE will have the nickname 'Monster Rookie', 'Hot-Spicy idol', and MIRAE will get the 'Rookie of the Year'.

KHAEL - 'Splash' music video view is over 19M already! I hope the music video view will be over 20M during this promotion!

Siyoung – I hope MIRAE members will always be healthy. And I want to hold a concert!

Junhyuk – Our goal is to get the 'Rookie of the Year'. During the promotions, I hope MIRAE members will enjoy the stage, and they will be all healthy both on their body and mentality.

Douhyun – It was really an honor that 'Splash' were first place nominees on the broadcasts. It's my big goal that we get first place in the following promotions. Of course, I'll do my best!

What do you think is MIRAE's strength?

LIEN – MIRAE members are all different. We have seven colors each. It is an excellent point! Yubin – Like a rainbow, MIRAE members have several colors. You can see our various charms. KHAEL – We didn't show you lots of music genres and concepts yet, but MIRAE can fit every concepts and genre. Most of all, MIRAE loves our 'NOWs ' so much.

Siyoung – Each member has their own unique, attractive points!

Douhyun – We have a really good relationship between members. If you meet us, you can hear a babble of voices everywhere if MIRAE is there. MIRAE is so cheerful and delightful.

Do you have any role models In the industry?

Junhyuk- Our group name is 'MIRAE'(MIRAE means 'Future' in Korean). MIRAE's role model is MIRAE in the future. We hope that we improve in every way!

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