Meet Peakboy, the next Psy

Meet Peakboy, the next Psy

Born in 1989, Kwon Senonghwan, the real name of Peakboy, is the future of K-music. With his last new single, Gyopo Hairstyle, Peakboy wrote an addictive electronic hip-hop song that has a few 90s retro hairstyles. But there's more. Under a fun layer, Peakboy conveyed a profound message inspiring people with "wearing what you like and pursuing your own will because at the end of the day, the person who has to live with you, is you". Peakboy writes, composes, and arranges his music. He's also part of the famous Wooga Squad, which is one of the most recognized celebrities' friends group of South Korea, which include Park Seo-joon (the next Marvel actor), V of BTS, Park Hyung-sik and Choi Woo-shik.

We had an exclusive talk with Peakboy.

Welcome back with your new song, Gyopo Hairstyle. Can you tell us more about the track?

«Gyopo Hairstyle is electronic dance music that is suitable for summer with addictive melody and lyrics.

What does Gyopo Hairstyle mean?

«Gyopo Hairstyle is a hairstyle with the hair curled back in gel, and it is one of my favorite hairstyles. A few strands of bangs are important, and that's the point of Gyopo Hairstyle! If you watch the MV, you'll understand it right away».

Choosing happiness regardless of what others may think. The message behind this song is so deep and you were able to describe it in your MV in a funny way that makes it look so simple to reach. What is happiness for you?

«I think the greatest happiness for me is music. Making music is the most enjoyable and happiest time for me. Of course, there are many other states of happiness, but I think my most honest self is revealed when I do music».

In the MV you have a few guest stars: the Wooga Squad members - BTS' V, Park Seo-joon and Park Hyung-sik, alongside the actor Choi Woo-shik. How did you come up with their roles in the MV?

«Thankfully, everyone was willingly allowed to appear in the MV. As for the roles, after discussing them with the music video director, I tried to compose the roles that my friends could best digest. During the preparation process, I also talked a lot about the character with my friends».

Earlier this year you came out with Anywhere. A totally different song, with a more chilled and relaxed vibe. Who is Peakboy as a musician now?

«I think I have a lot left to show as a musician. Chilling and sweet songs like Anywhere, and exciting dance music like Gyopo Hairstyle, that's all me. I just want to thank everyone who takes interest in my music every time I release it».

Out of curiosity: in the terrace scene of your MV, when you are dancing, you can see a man with a mask watching you. Can you tell us more about who is that man and why he looks so frozen? We loved the differences between your vibing and him being motionless.

«In fact, he was one of the passers-by. I also found out while filming and monitoring. Thanks to him, the atmosphere of the filming set became howls of laughter, and the music video also seemed to have fun scenes, so I want to say thanks to him».

Back to Gyopo Hairstyle, here in Italy, your song is well received. Also, the catchy dancing in the chorus is a perfect summer dance for Italian parties. Do you see yourself as the next PSY? Because we do.

«I think it is a great honor for me to be called the next Psy. Although the language is different, thank you so much for enjoying my songs in Italy. I will work harder to become a global musician like Psy».

About Italy. Have you ever been to our country?

«No, I've never been to Italy. However, when the COVID-19 situation improves and I can go on a trip, I would like to visit Italy for sure. I especially want to visit Milan. Because I'm usually very interested in fashion!»

Can you spoil us with what you are working on?

«I'm going to come back with a variety of content besides music, and of course, I will work hard on the music, so I could continue to show great results on the next album and the next album. Please continue to love my music and Peakboy as well. Thank you. Ci vediamo!»

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