The big debate on Carlo Cracco’s pizza

The big debate on Carlo Cracco’s pizza

A crunchy cereal dough seasoned with tomato sauce, basil seeds and mozzarella

The new version of Pizza Margherita by the well-known Italian Chef de cuisine Carlo Cracco has been at the centre of a heated debate lately.

The main problem with the gourmet version by Cracco is the crunchy cereal dough seasoned with tomato sauce, basil seeds and mozzarella. People ran wild on social networks even writing "every time a person orders Cracco's Margherita, a Napolitano dies" and this could be both for the taste of the pizza and for its elevated cost: 16 Euros.

The criticisms for the price were very strong too. A popular comment on Twitter - written in Neapolitan dialect - stressed the fact that with 16 Euros in Naples people can buy a pizza, a desert, a beer, some antipasto and they can even leave some money as tip.

Besides the criticisms and attacks, Cracco's pizza was appreciated by other protagonists of the Italian pizza world. Among them, Gino Sorbillo, a pizza artist with several restaurants in Naples and Milan. Sorbillo has greatly appreciated Cracco's courage to dare to re-invent such a popular and beloved dish as Pizza Margherita. "It's not Pizza Napoletana and it's not either sold or presented as is Cracco's pizza and that's it", Sorbillo argued. "Us Neapolitans, we should be more scandalized by fake pizzas we find around, which are fraudulently sold and sponsored as made in Italy products", Sorbillo continued, also giving a big welcome to Cracco's pizza.

Despite Sorbillo's advocacy in favour of Cracco's brave attempt, the debate is far from being concluded. Pizza Margherita's purists will not easily give up to their traditions in favour of a new gourmet product. Furthermore, it is not sure that Cracco's move will help him re-gain the Michelin star he lost last year. Nevertheless, Cracco's pizza dough should be more digestible and suitable to the big crowd of alternative consumers who look for new healthy food trends.

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