Lee Minhyuk's new album is a «BOOM» of talent
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Lee Minhyuk's new album is a «BOOM» of talent

Lee Minhyuk's new album is a «BOOM» of talent

When you think about the hottest idols in the K-pop industry, BTOB’s Lee Minhyuk is on the top of the list. With his staggering charisma and fierce eyes, he can dominate the scene 360 degrees. Being part of the K-pop system for 11 years wasn’t always easy for Minhyuk. As a member of BTOB and a solo artist, knowing himself and his true identity was one of the biggest challenges for an artist who’s now so loved that his concert, BOOM, sold out in just three minutes from the opening of the ticket sale.

Minhyuk, since HUTAZONE never missed a chance to prove himself as the talented and versatile talent he is. Known also as Huta, a word chosen by the artist from the Sino-Korean vocabulary that means “to swing into an empty space,” is now full swinging with his new album and solo project. BOOM - with his catchy shaka laka - has an addictive frenzied beat interweaved with a hybrid wonk trap style. The album that goes by the same name is a 12 tracks jam-packed music trip into all shades of feelings.

Panorama talked with him in an exclusive interview for the Italian public.

BOOM! How much of you can we find in this album?

Beyond anything, you will see a kind of vibe and sexiness you have never seen from me through ‘BOOM’.


‘BOOM’ is a track that has a strong impact, with not only explosiveness but also a balance of hit and sustain. I chose it as both the title track and the album name because it has the meaning of ‘aiming to create a sensation’.

This is your second solo album; how much did you change since HUTAZONE?

Compared to [HUTAZONE], I’ve become more mature in every aspect. My visuals, music, and even skills are now more mature and upgraded.

Speaking about your title track, can you tell us more about it?

You may find ‘BOOM’ a little strange at first because it’s a song with a unique genre, hybrid wonk trap style, but eventually you will find yourself addicted to ‘BOOM’!

In your album, there are 12 tracks; if you had to choose just one - besides the title track - which would it be and why?

I would choose the first track, ‘I’m Rare’. It’s a track that embodies the identity of this album along with the title track ‘BOOM’, and it also best showcases HUTA.

You are a BTOB member; how working solo differs from being with the group?

Every single bit is different. Solo promotions require more energy than group promotions both physically and mentally. Also, what’s different is that solo promotions let you endlessly express what you pursue through your album.

BTOB are a massive part of your life; if you had to describe them with one word, which would it be?

To me, BTOB is like a precious and cozy house where I can go rest comfortably anytime.

You have been in the K-pop game for a long time. Is there something you still dream of achieving?

I want to do music for a long, long time. Whether it is a producer, or whatever it could be, I want to do music.

From your debut until today, do you have a particular memory you are fond of?

I clearly remember all the concerts I did with MELODY.

Who is Lee Minhyuk now?

I’m just like a calm lake.

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