Planning a holiday to Italy: where to go and how much would it be
Planning a holiday to Italy: where to go and how much would it be
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Planning a holiday to Italy: where to go and how much would it be

A list of the most convenient beach locations in the country

Choosing where to go on holiday to the beach is always a hard job. Not only for the choice of the venue but also for the economic effort to cover all expenses. In Italy, Fereconsumatori, the Italian association created to defend consumers' rights, pointed out how prices have gone up in a percentage of 3% compared to last year, and a guide has been created for those interested to travel to Italy with a good bargain.

Although rates in some regions have not changed (such as Sicily, Puglia and Campania), in other locations differences are quite remarkable. For instance, according to ADOC (another consumers' association), prices in Veneto and Tuscany have increased over 5.5%.

In order to overcome this situation and facilitate the feasibility of an affordable holiday in Italy, the press agency Adnkronos in partnership with Sindacato Balneari italiani (the union of beach resorts owners) published a list with 5 well-known but cheap Italian beach locations. The latters come along with the prices for the beach equipment to rent, normally inside what Italians call "lido" (an equipped beachfront).

In the famous carnival city Viareggio, a day on the beach provided with beach umbrella, chair and entry to the lido varies from 9 to 22?. In Rimini, the context seems to be less expensive, where there is no entry fee and for the beach umbrella, tanning bed it is from 10 to 18 ? per person.

Ostia, the ideal beach location close to the eternal charm of Rome, offers great beaches and its services within a price range from 8 to 22?. Similarly, one could enjoy a beautiful day in Santa Teresa di Gallura (in Sardinia) paying a minimum of 7? and maximum 22 ?. Those who are easy to accommodate could also opt for a beach chair which costs only 5? for the whole day.

Lastly, Gallipoli in Puglia stands out as the cheapest location. Beach umbrella, tanning bed and entry fees are usually included within the range 6 to 15 ?, while the additional beach chair is only 4?.

It seems fair to conclude stressing that this list is quite inspirational for all those who are looking for an affordable destination on an Italian beach, surrounded by local beauties in the warm sun of the Bel Paese.

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