Students or workers? Definitely both, in Italy
Students or workers? Definitely both, in Italy
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Students or workers? Definitely both, in Italy

Taskhunters is the new platform making it possible

Taskhunters is the first online platform in Italy allowing university students to find temporary jobs, such as IT assistants, dog sitters, handymen and to run errands.

The innovative company is a new startup launched by the business incubator startup launched by the business incubator Digital Magics. The idea came out the observation of students' preferences. As highlighted by Lorenzo Teodori, Taskhunters founder and CEO, "in Italy 40% of students are looking for a temporary job rather than a long term one". At the same time, young people need a way to support their studies, while maintaining a certain degree of independence to organise their work load.

Taskhunters also has a great social value, involving students in family and elderly care daily. Today, the platform is made up of 4000 subscribers and it was founded by 4 young people (aged 29) from Treviso. In particular, they are Lorenzo Teodori, Marco Premier, Francesco Piovesan, and Alberto Mora.

Users can get in contact with their temporary employees through an ad hoc app, available for both Android and IOS. In the app, users can post their profile, specifying their price and conditions, also choosing specific categories for the required task, i.e. shopping, housework, personal assistance, delivery and pet care.

Students can apply for a position and also bargain to obtain a higher price. Once the job is done, the payment happens online (through the platform Stripe) and both the employer and employees can write a review on their brief experience, informing others on the activity performed and gaining experience.

In spite of its recent foundation, Taskhunters already has ambitious objectives for 2017: increasing the number of students, involving companies and expanding the app to Rome, Turin, Bologna and Padua. Taskhuters also looks at Europe, showing a strong will to expand its activities to London, Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin and Paris between 2018 and 2020.

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