Las Vegas CES 2013: the Italians the world’s smartest companies will bet on
Las Vegas CES 2013: the Italians the world’s smartest companies will bet on
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Las Vegas CES 2013: the Italians the world’s smartest companies will bet on

The gadgets we are set to want were unveiled at the electronics worlds biggest exhibition

At the 2013 International CES (Cosumer Electronics Show) meeting that has recently took place in Las Vegas there were plenty of Italians who should be mentioned and thanked.

"We expect 2013 to be the year of phablets," said Neil Mawston, UK-based executive director of Strategy Analytics' global wireless practice. A phablet is a hybrid between smartphones and tablets and we are seeing all the mobile makers scurrying to exploit this new market.

Joining this rush, the Chinese company ZTE has announced one of the most promising products: a 5.1 inches screen device that owes part of the received recognition to the hand (and mind of course) of its acclaimed designer, Italian Stefano Giovannoni.

Enough with the pride for Italian design? Of course not and the 100 square meters occupied by the "PURO" stand leave no doubts.

PURO is an Italian consumer electronic design company that, thanks to the quality and beauty of its products, is now establishing its brand all around the world.

Furthermore, while wondering around the stands it was impossible not to run into two other Italian companies: "Hi-fun" and "I'm".

Hi-fun is a company producing fashion gadgets for iPhone, iPod and iPad. The four young entrepreneurs, founders of the company, took part at the CES to present HI-CALL: a glove that, connected via Bluetooth to your phone, allows you to talk through your hand thanks to a speaker sewed into the left-glove thumb and a microphone sewed into the pinkie.

After the great success achieved last year at CES 2012 thanks to the i'm Watch, the world's first smartwatch, Manuel Zanella, inventor of the i'm Watch, Massimiliano Bertolini, partner and sales director, together with Ennio Doris, the financial partner of the i'm Watch project, were in Las Vegas also this year.

Why? Not only because of the amazing growth reached by their company, but also to present their new creation: I'm Here. This device, as small as painstakingly designed, is a GPS tracker that can be carried everywhere and allows making SOS calls just pressing one button.

Keeping track of your geographical position or that of a loved one might be extremely useful for people who practice extreme sports or simply for moms worried about losing their little babies in a park or in a mall.



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