Digital Magics’ D.Day: the 15 innovative protagonists
Digital Magics’ D.Day: the 15 innovative protagonists
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Digital Magics’ D.Day: the 15 innovative protagonists

The best Italian innovation stories explained to potential investors

Digital Magics - the Italian business incubator present on the Italian stock market - is organising a Demo Day (D.Day) taking place in Milan on May 9th.The Event will host investors, business angels and companies. The protagonists will be 15 innovative startups, which will have the chance to introduce their stories and business models to potential investors. will be one of them. The latter has developed domoki, a new system for home automation that allows the user to control lights, heaters and sockets through smartphones touch screens or voice commands.

Another interesting tool is the one proposed by Bscale: an innovative device that allows the measurement of the weight of people through specific sensors located under the bed. Furthermore, the device monitors the sleep-tracking.

Edo is also very useful: it is a mobile app that allows the users to understand how healthy the products that people use every day are. It works through the bar code, giving a vote from 1 to 10 based on other users' evaluations.

Grampit is the system that helps elderly people and their family members to live better. In fact, through this device, family members are able to monitor the activities of their beloved ones and to manage emergencies from any place.

Morpheos has developed the new smart friend of Italian families: the robot Momo. He is provided with Artificial intelligence and it is useful to make life easier in Italian homes, making them more comfortable and safe. Momo is integrated within a lamp and it learns the habits of each family member, monitoring the temperature, humidity, lights, movements, smoke and much more, protecting the house effectively.

Lastly, another noteworthy innovation Tikidoo, which offers touristic tours, created ad hoc for families with children aged between 4 and 13 years old. Through Tikidoo, families will have the chance to experience amazing trips in Italian and European art cities, involving interesting activities for all the members of the family.

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