Automotive cybersecurity enhanced by Fortinet and Renesas
Automotive cybersecurity enhanced by Fortinet and Renesas
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Automotive cybersecurity enhanced by Fortinet and Renesas

A new way to protect new generation cars

Fortinet, a global leader in automatic and extended cybersecurity, has recently presented vanguard solutions for the cars of the future. In partnership with Renesas (the world's number one microcontroller supplier, providing smart solutions for embedding intelligence, connectivity, safety and security), Fortinet has developed a prototype to enhance the cybersecurity of connected cars. In fact, given that cybernetic attacks are not uncommon anymore, an effective solution is needed.

Fortinet and Renasas' prototype was presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 in Los Angeles, showing how Fortinet Security Fabric technology executed on SoC R-Car H3 provides an effective full management of automated security and protection for the vehicle. This prototype protects the communication between the domains and impose policies limiting the access to specific domains in order to control potential cyber threats. considering the consolidated presence both companies enjoy in Italy, the national market is expected to significantly benefit form the new discovery.

By 2025, experts expect 300 millions of connected cars (37 millions more compared to 2016), with an annual turnover going over 250 billion dollars. The main trigger for the development of this market is the growing demand for autonomous driving, smartphones management, music on demand, internet and infotainment. Every connected car has a LAN wireless internet access to share the connection with the other devices in the car. Given the high level of connectivity, these cars need an adequate system of protection which includes all aspects, i.e. communication, devices and networks. A great advantage of Fortinet's security systems (such as FortiGuard Labs) is their ability to provide updates on security threats real time.

Michael Xie - founder, president, and Chief Technology Officer at Fortinet - has recently stressed that his company responds to the demand for automated security and intelligence to protect new generation cars from cyber threats. Mr. Xie has also highlighted his enthusiasm for collaborating with Renesas for the creation of secure network solutions able to satisfy the changing automotive scenario.

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