GEMINI is the future of Korean R&B

GEMINI is the future of Korean R&B

Some many call him the future of R&B. With over 350.000 monthly listeners on Spotify only, GEMINI is for sure making a name for himself in the industry. The artist, who debuted in 2020, has already a collaboration with Jay Park under his belt, and its newest release - Inside Out - features a song with Seori and one with Camo and Woodz.

GEMINI talks to Panorama about his creative process and his dreams for the future, before embarking on his first European tour.

Congratulations on your new work. Can you tell us more about it?

MIA is a song that could sound sexy but also melancholic The album (Inside Out, ndr) is a work of my imagination, rather than autobiographical stories.

MIA means someone lost. But, artistically speaking, you are not at all. How did you choose it as your pre-release track?

I listened to MIA all the time, as it was my favorite track. Both me and GroovyRoom, the producer, thought this track should be pre-released. I think the reason was that MIA resembles the musical style I pursued the best.

Did you ever feel lost?

I always do. When I work on music or get burn-outs, I feel lost even when I’m next to somebody else.

Your song features both CAMO and WOODZ. How was the creative process, and why did you choose them?

It went so smoothly. Both of them were willing to be featured on the song after listening to it. I selected them as I thought they would go along well with the mood of the song.

And then there is UFO ft. Seori. This is your title track and every time I listen to it I feel I can relax. What was the concept behind it?

The theme is UFO, just like its title. The UFO signifies love at first sight.

You are a rising star in the k-R&N world and you have already worked with none other than Jay Park. What did you learn from him?

I learned a lot about being professional. Back then I was a newbie, and I learned a lot from him about how a professional artist thinks and acts.

What did you expect from your music?

I want to be the best always- my music and my artist self.

If you could summarize your music in one word, which would it be?


You had a lot of amazing collaboration; which artist would you like to work with next?

I want to collaborate with Baek Ye-rin. Among foreign artists, I want to work with Bren Joy, whose music I enjoy.

You’re soon going to be on tour in Europe. Would you like to visit Italy too if there’s an opportunity?

Yes, I’m not sure if there are many fans in Italy, but I’d love to communicate with Italian fans and perform in front of them!

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