Cibus Connect 2017 in Parma: where tradition meets innovation

Cibus Connect 2017 in Parma: where tradition meets innovation

New and healthy products on stage in Italy

Cibus Connect is the innovative Food Fair, which took place in Parma from April 12th until the 13th 2017. It was a great venue to present new products concerning Made in Italy Slow Food, all cooked by top chefs.

Among the most popular items introduced by the fair, healthy products played the role of protagonists. In particular, vegetal carpaccio, quinoa ragù, bio cheese with certified ingredients were top rated as outstanding novelties in Italian cuisine. Besides the gourmet veggie foods, a great variety of more traditional ones came along, such as pizza, focaccia, burgers (with high-quality Angus and Chianina meats), organic coffee, rice and soy mayonnaise.

Some other ground-breaking dishes were ginger and mint chips, candies filled with red oranges juice from Sicily, turmeric wraps and red onion mustard. The most curious readers will have the chance to look at the complete list of foods presented at Cibus Connect on the dedicated website.

The stalls were characterized by 45 selected producers of Slow Food offering very fine products, such as Santo Stefano di Sessanio lentils (a rare breed typical from Abruzzo, which do not need to be soaked before use), the pink apples form Sibillini Mounts (typical from Marche, they are grown at altitudes of 450-900 meters above sea level), the Alta Quota Beer (from Cittareale Brewery, specialized in spicy beers and spelt ones) and Montonico Grapes (very rare with an ancient history behind, dating back to 1615).

As mentioned before, delicatessen displayed were cooked by top chefs. Among them, Marcello Zaccaria and Luca Zanga (at Barilla stall), Daniele Zennaro (at Valbona), Tano Simonato (at Consorzio Prosciutto di Parma), Renato Bosco (at Levoni), Andrea Nizzi (at Coppini and Delicius).

Certainly, Cibus Connect was a great opportunity for both tasting new products and enjoying traditional ones...something that food-lovers never want to miss out.

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