Cusumano's wines arrive in 62 countries
Giuseppe Gerbasi
Cusumano's wines arrive in 62 countries

Cusumano's wines arrive in 62 countries

 «I have the good fortune to be Sicilian, to live in a marvelous area that is rich, unique and fertile». Diego Cusumano (photo) is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who, since 2001, with his brother Alberto has been managing 517 hectares of vineyards in various parts of Sicily. A project created to bring together the best Sicily has to offer in terms of species of vines and extraordinary local variety with an innovative proposal to meet evolving consumer tastes. Tradition in production and creativity in communications, according to the claim the company chose to utilize from the very beginning.

«We are artisans, like all those who work the natural resources of the land» Diego Cusumano continues. «With an important goal: to obtain a high-quality product that retains a major dose of authenticity, in the sense that it must respect and reflect its area of provenance, with its culture and characteristics» And it is no accident that the wine produced on their 500 hectares of vineyards has its own unique attributes based on the area in which it is grown. However, the heart of the company is its new winery in Partinico (near Palermo), created from an old Sicilian courtyard and restored in a style that brings together tradition and contemporary design, with a section for events and a tasting room.

«The best marketing we can provide for our wines is to bring people to Sicily so they can discover its tastes, smells and colors. All sensations which are synthesized in our wines» says Diego Cusumano. A marketing strategy that has born fruit, given that 50% of the entire Cusumano output is for export to over 62 countries in every part of the globe. Thanks to its foreign penetration, as well as the ever-increasing orientation of the market towards quality wines, Cusumano continues to grow.

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