How to share an office in Italy
How to share an office in Italy
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How to share an office in Italy the new platform fostering an effective use of vacant spaces at work (in English, temporary office) helps self-employed individuals and owners of vacant spaces to rent rooms, offices and vacant desks available in their work places. The company defines itself the "Airbnb of private offices" helping people to reduce costs and to allow an efficient use of vacant spaces.

Gianluca Mastroianni, Stefani Garuti and Stefano Catanzaro are the founders of who mostly conceived their platform for coworking, business centres and professionals who have vacant room(s) in their workplace and are willing to rent it out to other professionals. This idea is inspired by the concept of sharing economy and aims to match the need to find a spot in a workplace with the need to rent a certain space.

Entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals and real estate owners willing to rent their vacant spaces just need to register on the platform and insert their ad so that the others can see it. Landlords should also specify where their space is located, the length of the rent and the services provided. At the same time, the tenants-to-be will have to choose among different properties. Once they identify the space they are interested in, they can send a "request" straight to the landlord who will then respond with a quote. All the process is completely free of charge.

The rent is paid directly to the landlord with no intermediation costs from Sharing the workplace with other professionals is certainly something that triggers new synergies among workers, sometimes inspiring new collaborations. For instance, when there is a vacant room in a law firm it could be rented to another professional, such as an accountant. In so doing, these professionals do not only combine their competences but also offer a new service to their clients which will possibly increase the firm turnover.

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