Dunia Algeri's knitwear in baby Alpaca wool
Dunia Algeri's knitwear in baby Alpaca wool
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Dunia Algeri's knitwear in baby Alpaca wool

All material are sourced from a Peruvian ethically responsible supplier

In 2015, the young and talented designer Dunia Algeri from Bergamo opened an Atelier in Milan and launched her own luxury handmade knitwear brand.

All her products are designed and handcrafted in Italy with baby Alpaca wool directly from Peru, where it is sourced from an ethically responsible supplier who has been breeding alpacas since early 1800.

Ms Algeri does not believe in fast fashion and wants "to create unique custom-made pieces that are entirely handmade" for her customers: garments are made to order, and it takes up to 30 hours for an item to be hand knitted by one of the artisans who collaborate with the Atelier.

Such attention for quality is bringing Atelier Dunia Algeri to success. According to the famous fashion blogger Sophie van Daniels, a "heavenly Dunia Algeri knit coat made from 100% baby alpaca in Italy is the heaviest, softest and most touchable item" in her wardrobe.

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