Apink's twins Chorong and Bomi became one in CHOBOM

Apink's twins Chorong and Bomi became one in CHOBOM

Apink’s first ever subunit comes eleven years after the group’s debut. Shaping the k-pop industry and the girls groups history for over a decade, Apink are now ready to take a step further. CHOBOM is composed of members Park Chorong and Yoon Bomi. Usually seen as twins, the two girls played with this fun fact by creating Copycat, a really addictive song with an upbeat chorus that goes by I’m your copy, copycat / Let me do whatever I want / As much as you like / A perfectly similar collabo.

Apink’s Agency, the IST Entertainment, underlined how «the group has had one-time combinations of members for some tracks or concert performances, but this is its first time forming an official subunit to release an actual album». Besides showing their undisputed beauty, CHOBOM gives off major twin vibes in an album that is a breath of fresh air for the long-time Apink’s Pink Pandas.

Panorama spoke with them in an exclusive interview for the Italian public.

Congratulations on your debut as a unit. You are the first official unit inside Apink. How does it feel?

Chorong: I’m so excited to be able to show you a new side of me after 11 years of debut, and it was so much fun throughout the preparation!
Bomi: Since it’s my first time, I feel pressured, but I think I’m more excited! We were preparing it with the heart of having fun!

A lot of people think you look like twins. What do you think about it?

Chorong: I was also surprised a lot while preparing for this time! We wore the same makeup and clothes as twins, and we were very similar. So we looked at each other and said it was scary ^^

Despite that, how do you think you two differ?

Bo-mi: Chorong is more conservative and meticulous than me, but I’m free and spontaneous! I think it creates synergy as much as it’s different!

Let’s talk about your music. Copycat. Why this name?

Chorong: I happened to see the origin of the word copycat. It’s a word derived from the shape of a baby that imitates a mother cat, so it’s usually used to mean imitating and imitating. We just wanted to use it in a cute way as it formed. We chose "Copycat" because I thought it would fit well with the twin concept of CHOBOM.

How will you describe your first unit album?

Bomi: The name of the album is well expressed, so I want to express it as "copycat"! Just like the meaning of wanting to resemble the person we love, we wanted to mean "one!"

During the unit promotion, you showed us a lot of different and strong concepts in pictures that looked like editorial fashion magazine pics. Which were your favorite to shoot and why?

Chorong: To be honest, all the outfits were challenging and fun. Shall we do this cut like this? How about this? How about that? While I was doing it, I had a lot of conversations with Bomi, the company, and the hair and makeup experts. Still, I think the most remarkable thing was the blue wig and the pink wig... Because it was a cut that I really wanted to show the concept of, I boldly tried wearing a colored wig. As soon as the filming was over, I immediately took it off.
Bomi: The black outfit is the most memorable! It's a cut I took while filming the music video, so it has a story, and it's a concept that best shows the colors and images of CHOBOM! The concept images presented during the teasing period are as diverse and intense as fashion magazines.

Which is the main difference between working as a unit and as Apink?

Bomi: I think there are a lot of bold images that are a little more conceptual and out of Apink!

If you could describe each other with a word which would it be and why?

Chorong: Mysterious. Like our song, it has a mysterious charm! It's hard to describe in words, and it's a charm that only Bomi has!
Bomi: Yoon Bomi. Because now we are twins and we are one!

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