AB6IX unveil their sophomore album, and it's juicy like a «Cherry»

AB6IX unveil their sophomore album, and it's juicy like a «Cherry»

Woong, Donghyun, Woojin, and Daehwi debuted in 2019 under Brandnew Music. Their first single as AB6IX, «Breathe» was an explosion of talent and a dancey hit that is still hard to forget. Two years later, the group never stopped evolving and showed new sides to their fans worldwide. With MO' COMPLETE, their second full-length album, the group showed that is grown confident and developing its unique color.

Panorama.it chatted with AB6IX in exclusive.

Welcome back guys! You are back with a new album MO' COMPLETE. Can you tell us more about it?

WOOJIN: The album we are releasing this time is our official second album, which is an extension from our other EP 'MO COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM', that was released back in April. A lot of great songs are on this release, so I hope you guys like it.

MO' COMPLETE marks the ending of an era that started with MO' COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM. Is this the finale you expected

WOONG: Yes. We wanted to show our fans that we have grown both in music and style. Most of our activities will be based on our title song 'CHERRY', so please root for us and be ready to see how much we have grown!

Diggin' deeper into your album. Cherry is your title track, and it's a very energetic and fizzy song. Why did you choose this song for your comeback?

DONGHYUN: We thought it was a fresh concept that we haven't expressed before, and also as soon as we finished the song it came to our minds that 'This should be our title song!' Daehwi did a great job writing it. We are so excited because we think fans will also love 'CHERRY'.

The lyrics, too, are so sweet, and they perfectly describe when you are falling in love with someone and, as you sing, they become "the cherry on top" of everything. Daehwi, you wrote the lyrics and produced the song. Can you explain it to us a bit more?

DAEHWI: Like our hands and lips turn red when we eat cherries, when we fall in love with someone our minds turn red like a cherry. That was the inspiration of making this song. The beats are so exciting and make you move, and I hope a lot of people listen to this song and feel the same way as I felt, and be happy.

Woojin, you wrote the rap lines of Cherry. What did you want to express through your rap?

WOOJIN: I wanted the rap to go along with the cute, adorable, shy feelings of the song towards a cherry.

I also loved 그해여름 (Do You Remember). The vibe here is totally different, but I find this song so relaxing. Your voices sound like a caress to your fans. What was your main inspiration?

WOONG: I didn't write "그해여름", but it has an emotional, sentimental vibe. So I tried to sing the song with a nostalgic, retrospective feeling. Even the lyrics are more poetic than others, and listening to them makes you feel so comfortable. Because of that I personally like "그해여름".

And then we have another bop. When I listened to Down for You, I immediately started to move my feet under my desk. I love the Latino vibes here. Can you tell us more about this track?

DAEHWI: 'DOWN FOR YOU' as a song expresses a direct, powerful feeling towards the listener. I think the Latin vibe made the lyrics sound even more passionate. It is our first time trying this genre, so we are curious how fans will react to it.

You are known for being a self-producing group. Woong, can you guide us through the process of making your music?

WOONG: I think each member has a different, unique process of making music. Sometimes an idea or melody comes to our head while driving somewhere, or sometimes when we are at the studio. We try to catch the idea by recording it with our phone. Producing music is like a habit to us- we always think about it in our lives.

Donghyun, you are reaching the music industry worldwide. And now you are out with a ten tracks album which is fantastic. What do you think is AB6IX power?

DONGHYUN: The love and encouragement from our fans is the fuel of our power and success. I believe that because our fans love us, we can constantly produce good music. So we try to pay it back to our fans by being a better artists.

This quote hit me: "We want to make a statement as a group through this album and want it to be remembered as a project that is full of AB6IX's scent". If you could choose a perfume, every kind of it, what would you select to create AB6IX scent?

WOONG: I want that scent to be something that did not exist before. A unique, exclusive scent of AB6IX.
DONGHYUN: I want it to be musk, which everybody likes. As AB6IX I want us to be loved by everybody, regardless of age or gender.
WOOJIN: I would like something sweet, like a scent from a fruit. Something that everybody likes.
DAEHWI: Rather than picking a specific scent, I would like to express something that comes to my mind at that time or moment.

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