XEED Dream Land

Something unknown, let's call it X, meet a Seed, and bloom in a Dream Land. It could be the beginning of a fantasy movie, right? Instead, is pure and simple reality and what XEED are. The group debuted as a quartet in December 2022 as the only rookie idol group where all the members - DOHA, RONI, BAO, and JAEMIN - are over 25. Right now, though, XEED is a trio. On January 17, 2023, Nature Space took to their Xeed Japan account to announce the departure of Roni from the group «for personal reasons». The news didn't stop the boys. DOHA, BAO AND JAEMIN are still the «seeds with infinite growth» that debuted in 2022. And more is yet to come.

Panorama.it talked with them.

Nice to meet you, XEED. Can you please introduce yourself to the Italian public?

DOHA: Hello, Seed! Our group name was born as a group called XEED by combining the letters SEED, which means seed, and the unknown number X, which means infinite growth, meaning to plant seeds of comfort and hope in your hearts. Each of us is a small seed at present, but we are a group aiming for infinite growth.

Congratulations on your debut! How does it feel?

DOHA: Finally debuted. It took a really long time until our official debut, and we will have to overcome many challenges in the future, but we will enjoy every moment with gratitude.

JAEMIN: I'm so happy to finally have my long-awaited debut, and I feel like every moment of every day is special.

BAO: We finally debuted again. What will happen this time? I'm looking forward to what kind of music we will do.

Your debut album is called Dream Land, which is also the name of your title track. Can you tell us more about the name? Why did you choose it?

DOHA: Our title song, Dream Land, is an energetic and dynamic song that expresses the excitement of a dream-like world that has not yet been ventured into a fantasy world called “Dream land.” I thought it was a song that matched our strong start.

The project was crowdfunded on Rising Star, how did you come up with this idea?

DOHA: As it is the first album, I think the crowdfunding made together with the love of the fans was meaningful. It seems that we are making the idea reality together.

It may be pointed out that you are older than other groups when you debuted. What do you think of that comment? Is age really the limit?

DOHA: We know we are the first group of this kind. To be exact, I already debuted six years ago at the age of 25 and had experience in activities (all members have previous experience with XEED), but it is also true that I debuted again, as a member of XEED, at my actual age. To be honest, I expected that there would be an issue about our age, and I know that it is already happening little by little. There is always fear in moving away from the existing path, but nevertheless, we want to show you that we are doing well with the people who believe in us and support us. It's also a team name (XEED) that wants to give you hope through that.

JAEMIN: Of course, it's true that we're old, but I don't think that's our limit. I think it's the best opportunity and opportunity to show you our mature and hidden potential, different from the idols who are here right now.

BAO: Although we are older than other groups and are perhaps criticized for this, I think we can bridge the gap because we have experience on our side.

DOHA, you have a fandom called ddallaemi (daughters). How did they react to you becoming the leader of XEED?

DOHA: First of all, when I was first revealed as a member of XEED, my ddallaemi couldn't hide their excitement with the same mind as me at the thought that I could break a long hiatus and stand in front of them again to dance and sing. Being the leader looked so natural because all the members trust me.

BAO, you are a rapper, and already debuted in LUCENTE. Still, you got a second chance with XEED. How does it feel like to be back in the game?

BAO: After all, I feel that Bao is the coolest when he is on stage.

JAEMIN, you are the maknae of the group, you participated in Boys24, and you were a backup dancer for TXT, BTS, and Stray Kids during Kingdom. How does it feel to be the main dancer in XEED?

JAEMIN: I got the title of main dancer because the members acknowledged it and respected me even more. I have worked with many artists and seniors, and I am most happy that I can finally show the performance I learned from standing behind them and looking over their shoulders with my name on it, and now I will try to become a big artist like my seniors and improve even more.

If you could describe XEED with one word, which would it be?

DOHA: Seeds of hope. I want to make sure that we do well, and show that we, who are not so different from you, can do it in the end.)

JAEMIN: I think it's a rainbow. Everyone, including me, has different charms and colors, but it seems that these charms form one color and emit it.

BAO: Stupid guys. It's stupid, but I think it's just because we are wonderful people at heart.

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