VERIVERY are back and they are not afraid to pull the «Trigger»

VERIVERY are back and they are not afraid to pull the «Trigger»

Do you remember “Ring Ring Ring”? The charming debut song from Jellyfish Entertainment’s boy group VERIVERY is still pretty clear in our minds. After reaching the top of the Billboard chart last year with their hit song “G.B.T.B.," the septet - composed by members Dongheon, Hoyoung, Minchan, Gyehyeon, Yeonho, Yongseung, and Kangmin - is back with a new full album that follows a more dystopic concept. It all started earlier this year with the publications of their new storyline, called “SERIES ‘O’”. Darker aesthetic, a mature sound, complex storytelling, and a new mini-album, “SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 2 : HOLE]” that can’t be missed. talked in exclusive with VERIVERY.

Let’s start talking about SERIES O's new chapter, HOLE. This album is very different from the first series, HALL. Can you tell us more about it?

«Our 6th mini-album is called SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 2: HOLE]. In our last album, SERIES 'O' [ROUND 1: HALL], we went to a party we got invited to by someone we didn’t know, and our existence was blurred due to the appearance of someone we didn't want to face, so we found ourselves suddenly immersed in our own space and engulfed in darkness. This new album wants to show two meanings derived from the single word 'to be immersed'. You can enjoy the album story more abundantly by viewing VERIVERY, who is trapped in the seven rooms, from the point of view of an omniscient observer».

So we left you being invited to a party by an unknown person; now you are playing the Hunger Games to survive. In some way, we can see it as a scary concept; how did you come up with this horror storyline?

«Our greatest intention was to contain our VERIVERY's universe. Also, we wanted to show our own different storylines and unique concepts. We hope you will pay attention to the storytelling as it continues VERIVERY's previous story! Also, because the darkness inside is a part of ourselves, we wanted to accept it and send a message to live for a brighter tomorrow».

Five months ago, in HALL, you discovered your dark side; now, in HOLE, it looks like you are being swallowed by it. What are your daily struggles?

«[Dongheon] In my daily life, I seem to have the most difficulties through fighting with myself. For example, today, it is the most difficult to control my diet to confront myself, who wants to rest or to give up on it.
[Hoyoung] I seem to be having a challenging time physically. I am improving my stamina by exercising hard, but if I dance a lot, I feel tired quickly.
[Minchan] It's not a big problem, but I'm personally sensitive to sounds, so I tend to have a bit of trouble when I hear noises.
[Gyehyun] I often have to do the laundry again because I forgot to hang it to dry after doing the laundry, so I sometimes have a hard time because of my forgetfulness.
[Yeonho] I have a very positive personality, so I don't think there are any major difficulties in my daily life.
[Yongseung] Sometimes, when I am alone in deep thoughts, I am surrounded by negative thoughts. Whenever that happens, I talk with the members or go for a walk while listening to music.
[Kangmin] I always have a lot of thoughts. I try not to get too caught up in that thought, but I seem to have a little trouble when things don't go well».

I’d love to learn more about this album. It looks to me like you are trying to convey a powerful message related to mental health too. TRIGGER, your title track, is a powerful song with a strong message. It’s like you are singing about escaping from anxiety. And also trying to help people suffering from it...

«Yes, that's right! It feels so good that VERIVERY is always putting good messages into the song because those parts are being conveyed well. By showing us fighting the inner darkness constantly, we hope that people can acknowledge the existence of darkness in all of us, wishing them to compromise, overcome wisely, and overcome it».

You write, compose, direct, and work on choreography too. You also produce your music videos and take part in the whole album-making process. I know you are young but... Where did you find the energy to do that all by yourself?

«The biggest energy and inspiration are our fans, 'VERRER'! We consider a lot about what kind of music and image we want to show to our fans. We want to repay them for how much they love and support us! Additionally, the biggest driving force seems to be the desire to maximize our own color and show in the best possible way the dreams "that we dreamt of" and the way "we want to reach the public with this kind of music if we become singers”».

You debuted two years ago, and in the meantime, a lot has happened. And you artistically grow a lot. What are the main differences between the debuting VERIVERY and the group now?

«I think it's the experience. In the beginning, during our debut, we were very nervous and missed a lot of composure. Still, we learned and realized many things while experiencing many stages and communicating directly with the fans. Also, at the beginning of our debut, we were full of boyish and refreshing concepts, but these days, we seem to have matured and grown even more with a strong and profound concept».

In your new album, there are a few songs I personally loved. I’m talking about Heart Attack and Underdog. Can you tell us more about these songs?

«The second track, “Underdog”, is a pop genre song with a funky bass rhythm and signature synth sound. The 4th track, “Heart Attack” is a song that harmonizes with a refreshing and powerful vocal and an intense kick bass, which you can enjoy during hot days to feel its coolness».

Prom is a very free and energetic song. How did you come up with this track?

«[Dongheon/Gyehyun/Yeonho/Yongseung] We thought that it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to gather and radiate pleasant energy these days. So, we discussed with the members what it would feel like the nostalgia for the days when people were gathering brightly, chatting, laughing, and having a party, and came up with the theme of ‘Prom Party’. Everyone is going through a very frustrating and difficult time these days, and we wanted to appease that disappointment. Also, we wanted to give the feeling of enjoying a party with music».

If each one of you should define himself, right now, with two adjectives and one song (it could be any genre, any artist), what will you choose?

«[Dongheon] Intensely sexy and lovely / VERIVERY’s ‘TRIGGER’
[Hoyoung] Cool e gentile / ‘Gold (Feat. Dean)’ by offonoff
[Minchan] Colorful and emotional / Jeremy Zucker’s ‘Comethru’
[Gyehyun] Shining and bright / VERIVERY’s ‘Flower’
[Yeonho] Full of passion and healing / D.O’s ‘Rose’
[Yongseung] Patience and Calm / ‘Make Me Smile’ by Sam Ock
[Kangmin] Busy but hard-working / VERIVERY’s ‘TRIGGER’»

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