Thai World: Meet Krist and Gawin

Thai World: Meet Krist and Gawin keeps digging into the Thailand Entertainment industry. We spoke with GMMTV's Krist and Gawin, now on screen with the ongoing series "Be My Favorite"

Krist and Gawin. The screen couple from GMMTV is not new to the Thai entertainment industry. Still, "Be My Favorite" - the ongoing tv show - is their first time as a screen couple. "Fluke" Gawin Caskey and Krist have fascinating backgrounds that have shaped their journeys in the entertainment world, aside from their on-screen personas.

Thai-American actor "Fluke" Gawin Caskey has shown incredible flexibility in his work. The fusion of Thai and US cultures makes him one of the most interesting actors in the industry right now. The blend of ethnic elements adds to his performances and captivates audiences with his authenticity and depth. Perawat Sangpotirat, better known as Krist, has become a powerful force in the Thai entertainment market. Thanks to his alluring appeal and acting abilities, he has established a solid fan base. As a result of his rigorous approach to character portrayal and commitment to his art, Krist ensures that every role he plays has a significant impact on the audience.

Their teamwork on "Be My Favorite" further showcases their talent as artists. The story follows the journey of "Kawi" Botkawee (played by Krist), a young man deeply in love with Pearmai. Botkawee's life, however, takes an unexpected turn when he is sent back in time to his eighteenth year by a mysterious crystal ball that was meant as an important gift for Pearmai. As the story develops, Botkawee is caught in a tangled web of emotions, torn between his love for Pearmai and a budding relationship with Pisaeng (played by Fluke). The show explores the complex relationships between fate, love, and the results of trying to change one's destiny.

Krist and Fluke's performances in "Be My Favorite" are extraordinary. Their capacity to convincingly convey their characters' inner struggles and emotional torment lends the film an unmatched level of reality. The two have an undeniable chemistry that transports viewers into the rollercoaster of feelings that Botkawee and Pisaeng are going through. Their portrayals offer a profound analysis of the complexities of interpersonal relationships and the compromises required in pursuing love as the story progresses.

We spoke with them in an exclusive interview.

Nice to meet you, Krist and Gawin. Can you please introduce yourselves to our readers?

Krist and Gawin: Hi, my name is Gawin Caskey, and this is Krist; we play the roles of Botkawee and Pisaeng in "Be My Favorite", which is now showing in Thailand and some places across the world.

I would like to first ask you about your characters in Be My Favorite. Can you please describe them from your point of view?

Gawin: I play Pisaeng in "Be My Favorite". In my opinion, this character is really strong, like emotionally speaking. He does everything he can to help Kawi and push him to make decisions or do things. Because I think that Kawi, before he met Pisaeng, before he met me, he was that kind of passive guy who just lived out his days. But after he met me, my character tried to encourage him to do more stuff.

Krist: About me, I think Kawi is a nervous guy. He doesn't know how to fix his problems. He's like a kid, very childish,

This is the first time for you to work together; how was it?

Gawin: It's been really fun to be able to work with Krist. And because, as you said, this is our first time working together, we had a lot to learn about each other and get to know each other, so we hung out a lot (he laughs), like at the end of workshops and the end of the shooting sessions. We find time to hang out and learn more about each other to benefit our work.

Krist: We did many things together, especially singing and playing instruments, so when we had time, we liked to play guitar and sing together.


Can you tell us some behind the scene from shooting the show?

Gawin: I would like to share this one story with you guys. There was this scene where it was scary for Krist, but it's like... at the end of the show. Can I really say it?

Should I put a spoiler alert?

(Krist and Gawin laugh)

Gawin: Should I should I tell it? Ok, I'll do it. So we had to film this terrifying scene, and Krist was so scared. And I was sitting next to him, and he was making all these faces like he was so scared. And then I looked at him, and I was like, "Oh, he's really good at acting out this scene". But when we wrapped it, the director came to him and told him to be less scared because his face looked too scared. And after that, I realized it wasn't his acting; he was scared. So it was hilarious.

During your career, you have played a lot of different roles. Except for the ones in Be My Favorite, which character do you most feel attached to? And why?

Krist: Actually, the characters and my real life are not the same at all. My life never matched with any of the characters from the movie or the series I played. But I have to pick which is the best, the one I really loved playing is Kawi.

Gawin: So, for me, this character from "Be My Favorite" is the one I enjoyed the most. But if I have to pick from another show, it's probably the one from the series called "Not Me" where I had the chance to play Dan, a cop, and I had a lot of fun with that because I got to shoot with prop guns and play an action role. And it was exciting in all that process because I never had the chance to do it before, you know, shooting guns and all the action and other stunts. So I think it was really cool.

Krist already answered this question, but I would like to know your point of you, Gawin. Did you ever play a character you had a lot of traits in common with? If yes, how was it?

Gawin: I think it will be the same character from the same show because he doesn't act out much and shows his emotions. He is a quiet guy with other people, and I connect with him on how he portrays his emotions, does stuff in the films, and his way of thinking. I really enjoy that process.


I want to dig deeper into your relationship. What was your first thought about each other when you first met?

Krist: When I first met Gawin, it was at the office, and I thought he was very quiet and shy. Then I saw him play the guitar; my first impression was that he was a terrific singer. He has a beautiful voice. But still, he was quiet and shy. That was my first impression.

Gawin: Same goes for me. We share the same story. When I first met him, I thought he was full of energy. He talks a lot with all the people there. And he likes to do stuff all the time. My first impression of him was that Krist was someone full of energy, almost opposite me. And I really loved that.

Do you share any memorable moments together outside the set?

Krist: We have the same lifestyle; we love playing games and singing. So we get along a lot after the series has done filming, and we still hang out together.

Gawin: If I can pick any moments when we're together, my favorite one is probably singing with him, whether on stage at home. I really enjoy it when we play music together; it's really fun.

I think our readers want to know you better. Which are your favorite go-to movie that you always rewatch, the drink you can't get enough of, and a song you recommend that you always listen to?

Krist: Prison Break, even if it's series; just simple water; Bruno Mars' 24K Magic.

Gawin: The whole trilogy of the Lord of the Rings; ice tea, because Thailand is really hot and it's very refreshing. I drink it almost every day; and a song, off the top of my head, Champagne Supernova from Oasis.

I have one last question: can you define yourself in one word?

Gawin: Maybe I can use one phrase...

Krist: "Cold water".

Gawin: I agree. Cold water

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