The acustic version of Rocket Punch’s «Ring Ring» is the summer breeze we just needed

The acustic version of Rocket Punch’s «Ring Ring» is the summer breeze we just needed

From a synth-heavy dance-pop track to a more relaxing song where the use of xylophone and the acoustic guitar showcased the vocal abilities of the Rocket Punch’s members. The new and softer edition of «Ring Ring», alongside the MV posted on their official Youtube channel was a first time for the Woollim Entertainment’s girls group. Born in 2019, Rocket Puch is composed by six members, Juri, Yeonhee, Suyun, Yunkyoung, Sohee and Dahyun. Last week they debuted on the Japanese market with their first mini-album, «Bubble Up!» which contains five new songs and a Japanese version of their Korean debut single, «Bim Bam Bum».

We talked in exclusive for with the girls in a heartwarming interview.

Welcome back girls. Your song "Ring Ring" was a hit and was featured in the iTunes top K-pop singles chart in 12 Countries. Now you're back with the same song but with a whole different vibe. Can you tell us a bit more about «Ring Ring» acoustic version?

Yeonhee: Unlike the excitingly rhythmical original version of "Ring Ring", we believe this new version has a harmonious blend of the guitar and individually attractive voices and tones of the members.

Suyun: This really is a different feel from the first "Ring Ring". We are quite happy that, unlike our previous works, we can show you a song with something like the tranquil feel of a summer morning.

The summer vibe is strong. I like to think of "Ring Ring" as the perfect song to listen to at sunset on the beach. How did you choose to go acoustic?

Juri: The original version has a fast rhythm which makes a good listen when you need energy, but this acoustic version is something you can listen to cool yourself during summer and has a wholesome healing effect.

Yunkyoung: This was our first time recording and releasing an acoustic song so it was novel and a bit difficult. But, unlike the original, this is a great song to listen to on a summer night on a gently-windy seaside so we hope lots of people check it out.

Since your debut you have kept yourself very busy: three mini-albums, and then «Ring Ring» and this new acoustic version. How did you manage to stay so active?

Sohee: We believe it was due to the interest and support of our fans that we could do this. We are so happy that we can once again deliver to our fans, who loved our "Ring Ring" original song and our works, this new version of "Ring Ring".

Dahyun: We wanted to do many activities and wanted to show that much of a variety (of works) to our fans so we are quite happy! I believe we achieved these good results due to all the support from our fans!

You are also ready for your debut in Japan. Your first Japanese album was released last week. Can you tell us more about this project?

Juri: We are all quite looking forward to it. The songs are good so we hope it can energize many fans in Japan!

Yeonhee: We are very excited to meet our fans in Japan and we hope people tune in to our new looks for our Japanese activities to come!

Which is your major inspiration right now?

Suyun: I believe it's our fans - Ketchy. Although we can't meet much in person due to the current times (COVID), we have been wholeheartedly feeling the support from our fans on different online and social media. So we try to repay back by doubling the amount of love that they give us. They are so precious and I am grateful for them, so I wish they would never get hurt. I often tell our fans to be happy and that's because I really hope all the people I like and care for are happy! Also personally the members are such a big presence in my life. Because of all the members and since we have each other, I feel like I can have this much fun with all the various activities. I recently was reminded of this and I really believe in my group members.

Sohee: The performances and the music I like do not just give me inspiration for our activities but they are also a source of inspiration and energy for my life.

Do you have any idols you look for to collaborate with?

Yunkyoung: Even as a trainee, I practiced and covered many songs from IU. So, I hope to do a cover together with IU.

Dahyun: I am actually a big fan of Dreamcatcher. I don't think I can wish for anything better than doing a collaboration with the 'performance master' Dreamcatcher! You gotta dream big hahah

Covid-19 is still striking hard. Would you please send a message to all your fans?

Yeonhee: Ketchy! Please be healthy and see you again soon! I want to be happy together with you guys for a long long time! Let's make good memories. 'Fighting' to all of us!

Sohee: When this corona situation gets better, I hope to talk with you all face to face and also show you our performance in person. To make Rocket Punch's and Ketchy's dreams come true, let's all keep up with the regulations and be healthy!

Italy is so passionate about K-pop. Have you ever been to our country before? What would you say to your Italian fans?

Suyun: I haven't been to Italy yet but it's one of my "must go" countries! Italian fans! When things get better and we have a world tour, I sincerely hope to visit Italy and give you even more energy with our performances! Till then, let's 'fighting'! Thank you for all your big love from afar!

Dahyun: I always wanted to visit Italy since I was a kid but it's such a shame that we can't at the moment due to COVID. We want to meet the Italian fans who are giving love to Kpop in person and share passion & energy with each other! Please keep giving Rocket Punch lots of love!

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