Rocket Punch are moving like a «Flash» through the K-pop industry

Rocket Punch are moving like a «Flash» through the K-pop industry

We are all invited to a dazzling prom party with the new Rocket Punch’s single, Flash. Leading a three tracks mini album with the same name, Flash is a Melbourne bounce tune defined by its uptempo basslines and dot synth sounds, singing a hopeful message that they will flash out an array of colorful lights as they take steps toward a new world. Yeonhee, Juri, Yunkyung, Sohee, Suyun, and Dahyun knew that Flash had to be their song since they first listened to it.

The six-member group under Wollim Entertainment is back only six months after their last comeback. In August 2021, the group made their Japan debut with EP “Bubble Up!” and later dropped their first Japanese single, “Fiore,” this year in June.

Panorama had a quick chat with them.

Welcome back, girls. The last time we spoke was just six months ago, after the release of Chiquita. Have you all been well?

Suyun: Yes! We also released our [Fiore] album in Japan and visited Japan in person to meet many fans. At the same time, we prepared our [FLASH] album and worked very hard to finally meet you all!

Flash is not just your new come-back title but also how you move in the K-pop industry. How does it feel?

Yeonhee: Thank you so much for saying that, and we will continue to grow, so I hope you keep your eyes on us!

Musically speaking, how would you define Flash?

Yunkyung: I would define ‘FLASH’ as “definitely Rocket Punch’s song.” I think it's our strength to express it in Rocket Punch's own way, no matter what kind of vibe it is.

In the MV, you film a prom party. Do you have any fun stories for us?

Dahyun: We filmed a scene where we were all enjoying the party. It was a very difficult and fun experience because we had to stay still and not be surprised when the fireworks exploded for the music video.

Your album includes two other songs. What kind of song is Moon Prism? And Beep Beep?

Sohee: There are two B-side tracks: There is ‘Moon Prism’ that reminds us of the anime ‘Sailor Moon’ as well as the refreshing and addictive song ‘Beep Beep.’

You are evolving quickly, showing us all your talent. If you had to describe yourself with an adjective and a song - not one of yours - which would you choose?

Juri: I would choose ‘IU - I LAND’ / Bright. I've always worked hard, and I'm still working hard. I was able to work hard and have fun at the same time because I am not alone, and there was someone around me who works hard as well. This song represents that situation very well.

Yeonhee: ‘Paul Kim - STAR’ / Bright. I always want to brighten up our fans.

Suyun: ‘SEVENTEEN - Hot!’ / Bright or Hot I wanted to introduce our team's desire and passion to continue moving forward and never being satisfied with where we are right now.

Yunkyung: ‘2PM - 10 out of 10’ / Charming. I want to give our members a 10 out of 10 points and KETCHY!

Sohee: ‘Yong Yong - Don’t Worry’ / Trust. The lyrics of this song comforted me a lot, and I thought it was very similar to my story.

Dahyun: ‘Shin Joong Hyun & The Yeopjeons - Beautiful Women’ / Infinite. I chose that song because I think the famous lyrics, "I want to see you again and again," represent our beautiful Rocket Punch (she laughs). Also, I chose the word ‘infinite’ because I can learn quickly whatever I start, and I think there are infinite possibilities in many ways because I have the perseverance to do my best.

Can you leave a message to KETCHY?

Yeonhee: Hello KETCHY!! Thank you for showing support even from afar. We will repay you with better performances and songs! Thank you, and we love you.

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