Expo 2015 has closed, what will happen to its symbol?
Expo 2015 has closed, what will happen to its symbol?

Expo 2015 has closed, what will happen to its symbol?

A few reasons why the the “Tree of Life” should not be dismissed

Expo Milan 2015 choose the "Tree of Life" as its symbol. The icon Tree, which has been very much appreciated by the audience, finds its roots back in the Renaissance. The artistic director of "Italy Pavilion", Marco Balich, drew its inspiration from one of Michelangelo's drawings. While he was given the task to re-organize Campidoglio Square, the great artist conceived a lozenge object with a twelve ends star, recalling the constellations. The Tree that came out of it can be considered a crossroad between a monument, a sculpture, an installation and a work of art. It definitely looks majestic, being 37 m high and presenting a structure made up of an elegant mix of wood and steel. It goes without saying that dismantle and reassemble it in another place would be a real hard job.

Chiara Bisconti - Milan Municipality Assessor for Sport, Wealth and Spare Time - made recently some suggestions on what to do with this unique piece of art. She advised to put the Tree in Loreto Square, a place that is usually associated with death. In fact, the venue was the stage of the murder of 15 partisans in 1944 and the year after it hosted the execution of Mussolini and Petacci. Moving the Tree there would mean to break up with the past, celebrating life instead of remembering death.

Giuseppe Sala - Expo 2015 SPA unique commissioner and CEO- believes that the Tree will be preserved in the construction site until next spring, paying particular attention during the pavilions dismantlement.

Surely, the Tree of Life has been the hub of events and creativity connected to Expo 2015, such as shows, concerts, water games and special events. Moreover, it became very popular on the social networks, having 250 thousand hashtags on Instagram and 1 million 800 thousand pictures on Facebook. It accordingly became a "must see" for the conspicuous number of visitors Expo 2015 hosted. It has been estimated that this spectacular venue gathered about 2.5 million spectators per month, which is another good reason to let it stay where it is.

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