ArchIndependence Day: Italian Architecture Vanguard
ArchIndependence Day: Italian Architecture Vanguard

ArchIndependence Day: Italian Architecture Vanguard

A ground-breaking competition taking place in four Italian cities

Promoted by the cultural association "Disorder of Architects", archIndependence Day is the new competition devoted to all registered students, architects and engineers as well as to retired professionals. The new association "Disorder of Architects" is based online and it is committed to eviscerate the most unconventional aspects of architecture. The founders, Chiara Giolito and Eugenio Cappetti, are two young architects from Genoa who were able to attract more than 10.000 associates on social media, in ten months only. With their satiric comments, gossip columns and photos - all bond together by the theme of architecture - "Disorder of Architects" is very popular and appreciated.

Launched as a cover of Roland Emmerich's famous movie, all architects taking part in the competition will have to re-design four landmarks of four popular Italian cities, i.e. Genoa's Lanterna, Pisa's Tower, Milan's Duomo and Rome's Colosseum. The starting point of this creative competition is an imaginary alien-attack that has destroyed the popular Italian monuments. The attack is the spark to foster imagination and new design prompts. For this reason, besides the project, each participant should make a short film about his/her idea, lasting no more than 3 minutes.

ArchIndependence Day will take place throughout 2018, declared the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The first setting is Genoa (January 3rd - March 31st) where all the architects will focus on the Lanterna di Genova. Emerging as the uncontested symbol of the city, the Lanterna will be re-designed and re-projected after the attack. After Genoa, the competition will move to Rome (April 3rd - June 30th), Pisa (July 3rd - September 30th), and Milan (October 3rd - December 31st).

Chiara Giolito and Eugenio Cappetti's creativity does not stop to the idea of the competition, but they have also created a very hilarious and original trailer for ArchIndependence Day competition, which is based on the movie Independence Day.

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