A balanced evaluation of the ASEM Summit in Milan

How different newspapers covered the EU-Asia gathering

The two-day ASEM summit that ended in Milan a few days go without any breaking news.  Well, this does not mean that something similar was expected, although leaders of both Asia and Europe met in Italy for their biannual gathering to have "one more chance" to discuss altogether about "important challenges" and "common threats" such as natural disaster response, international crime, terrorism, climate, as well as student protests in Hong Kong, the escalating concerns about the Ebola outbreak, and of course the Ukraine crisis.

Writing a balanced evaluation on the effectiveness of these kinds of meeting is never an easy task. Here is the reason why the best thing we can do is providing the links to interesting readings covering Summit's expectations (1 and 2), positive outcomes (1 and 2), euro-sceptical visions (1, 2 and 3), and the inevitable pro-Russia columns (1 and 2).

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