Coronavirus Explained to the Little Ones
Coronavirus Explained to the Little Ones

Coronavirus Explained to the Little Ones

Tips for Home Studying from Italy: 23. Creating Awareness with a Drawing

Daily pills to help students (and families) organize their study in Covid-19 times, when almost one billion children have seen their schools close. Signed by Marcello Bramati and Lorenzo Sanna, deans and teachers at Faes High schools in Milan. As reported by Time magazine, they are teaching online during the lockdown, in an ongoing experiment in remote learning. Every morning at 8.30 a.m., their advice, tips and good practices for students of all ages.

The case of the week in Italy has been the permission to go out for a walk with children: first allowed and then forbidden, however still debated. Great controversy, reasons and positions, everything and the opposite of everything in a few hours.

Let's also try to put the attention on the little ones, because these are tough times for them too. Our kids have been forced to quit a daily life full of meetings: with peers, educators, grandparents and instructors. But that's not enough: for more than a month they have stopped going places that seemed a consolidated habit such as parks, shops and supermarkets, the parents' car, public transport for those who live in the city. Small and big amusements, routine or moments of escape: in any case, deprivations that must be explained and understood.

First of all, we'd better tell our children that there is a virus, a disease that should not affect the people they care about, such as grandparents. That's why we are all staying at home, to make everyone feel good, for us and for those who need to be protected most. Children are generally used to having much. Now it's up to them to do something for others: so let's present them this little big sacrifice. We could take a cue from episodes of altruism in their little books, in the stories they watch on tv and in the songs they sing in kindergarten. Children understand and appreciate gestures of generosity: now it is their turn.

The virus can also become an object of play and study. It can be an enemy to draw, ugly and colorful, with an angry face and armed to the teeth. An idea could be to illustrate how we are facing and fighting this enemy, with special tools as clean hands and masks, with helpers like supermarket vans, with superheroes like doctors and nurses. A great drawing, all to be invented and colored, to help our little ones understand what is happening around them.

Finally, we should explain to our children that this time will pass, that we will resume playing with them in parks and lawns. It won't happen tomorrow, but it will happen. This awareness will make them dream, draw and smile.

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