Let's Set the Alarm Also in Coronavirus Lockdown

Let's Set the Alarm Also in Coronavirus Lockdown

Tips for Home Studying from Italy: 1. The Alarm Clock

Daily pills to help students (and families) organize their study in Covid-19 times signed by Marcello Bramati and Lorenzo Sanna, deans and teachers at Faes high schools in Milan. As reported by Time magazine, they are teaching online during the lockdown, in an ongoing experiment in remote learning. Every morning at 8.30 a.m. on panorama.it, starting from March 14, 2020, their advice, tips and good practices for students of all ages.

In days and weeks so special, all to be deciphered even for adults, the first thing to do for a student is to make the home time defined, taking it away from uncertainty. If the day at the time of the coronavirus is not already marked by appointments made with live lessons with the teachers, the concept of time is undoubtedly suspended.

Not only time is suspended. At home also space is limited, between parents and maybe siblings with whom to share - as never before - the day, the premises, the table, the computer. The day can go by in torpor, in boredom, in dissatisfaction and then end, without being aware of it, without ever having started, without having done anything.

Inevitably a member of the family, with different tones, will ask a decisive question: «What time do we set the alarm clock tomorrow? ». There is no train or bus to catch, there are no trips to school. So why should we wake up early? There's nothing to do. Just this nothingness, a nothingness perceived as a holiday at the beginning and now already a nothingness without thought (if not that of fear), is the first obstacle to face when we wake up.

Let's make a plan for the day and try to respect it. In so many hours to spend at home, there is time for video lectures, for the notebook, for audio, for research. Study time has to accompany leisure, chat, lunch and dinner with the family that can become central, moments of confrontation and comfort.

In the suspended time there is also space for ideas that have been suspended for a long time, a book that has long been shelved, a recipe to try out, a game to start, and an idea that could take shape. A timetable for the day allows you to occupy time with projects and hopes, to restart every day and find another reason to wake up, however early. Let's set the alarm clock, according to the timetble. And let us prepare for the day, dressed as if today were an ordinary Saturday.

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