K-pop queen Minzy is back with TEAMO

She definitely is the K-pop queen, and now she's back with a brand-new song that is going to resonate in your head all summer. Minzy, the former member of YG Entertainment's girl group 2NE1, who established MZ Entertainment last year after departing from Musicworks Entertainment, is now back with TEAMO, which is a hymn to have a joyful summer and life.

Panorama talked with her in an exclusive interview.

Welcome back, Minzy. Your new single, TEAMO, gave me lots of summers vibes. Can you tell us more about it?

«TEAMO is a song with Latin pop and hip-hop, and it's a song that you can spend this summer dancing! It's music that makes you want to dance inside just by listening to it».

For this song, you worked with an Italian produced, Gionata Caracciolo. It has a few our country sounds in it too. How would you describe the work behind this single?

«I wrote the lyrics of TEAMO in Spanish, but come to think of it, Tiamo is also an Italian word that means "I love you." So, I thought it would be better to say "I love you" to Italian fans and Spanish fans simultaneously. That's how I've decided to use Spanish "Te amo" in the lyrics and the title, and the pronunciation I used, Ti amo. I think if the message was delivered well, I am satisfied with my song».

In 2020, you set up your agency. It was a fresh start despite all the difficulties we had and still have. What did it mean you the creation of MZ Entertainment?

«In 2020, it was a new chapter for me. It was a year of tidying up everything and starting over again and taking further steps. I saw hope in the sense of starting a new company. I know it's hard for everyone these days, but I wish everybody wouldn't let go of hope!»

Since a young age, you are being recognized for your excellent dancing skills. And TEAMO has the right vibe and will be able to make many people dance as well. Do you think dancing is healing?

«I realized more while doing music programs these days. The stage is where I belong, and I thought this was the position I had to protect. Of course, dancing was healing and fun for me always. I feel more rewarded and happy while dancing to TEAMO».

You said before that 2NE1 is your roots. Are you still in contact with the girls? What do they think of your new song?

«We keep in touch and support each other whenever we release new albums. They say my song is addictive, and the choreography is challenging for me, lol. They tell me lots of fun things».

Your style changed through the years. Who is Minzy now, and what does she want from life?

«Is that so?! I think rather than there was a change in my style, there were things that I couldn't show you. Some days, I want to wear pants, and some days, I want to wear a skirt. I think I'm finally showing you a new concept and style. I don't think I'm the same as before. I've already achieved much of what I wanted to do, and now I want to live happily with people around me for a long time».

You debuted when you were sixteen. If you can talk for a minute with the rookie Minzy, what would you tell her? Any advice?

«I want to tell you to forget regret and not to worry so much. At a young age, I started working, so I had a lot of worries. So I didn't enjoy much of the time. I want to tell you to enjoy your precious time».

K-pop and the Hallyu wave are now well known in the whole world. What do you think of this increase in popularity?

«I'm so proud and grateful. When I was promoting, I didn't have many opportunities since I was trying to make a path. And now there is a lot of platforms that I can show you. There's also a lot of opportunities around the world to show my music. I hope not only me, but artists who have just started their career and many great artists would have chances also».

Who is your role model?

«My role model is Micheal Jackson. I saw the world through Michael Jackson's music. His music contains messages about the Earth, human rights, and love. He is a special influencer for me, so I also want to be a person who can significantly impact someone's life and send a message. I want to make that kind of music».

From your debut days, a lot of time has passed. Has any idol caught your attention? And why? Is there some artist you would like to work with?

«A while ago, while I was on a music show, I came across SF9's Yoo Taeyang dance. When I watched him dance, I liked watching his performance and started looking forward to the future. If you watch the live cam, I think you will agree with me. I wish to work with Latin pop divas like Anitta and Becky G when it comes to collaborations. I want to try a collaboration once».

You have a lot of international fans. Have you ever been to Italy?

«In the past, I had a short stopover in Rome for a magazine shoot, and if I get a chance, I definitely want to go to Italy. Usually, I like to visit museums, art galleries, and historical sites, but I want to visit Italy because the whole city is a world heritage. Not only for that reason, but to meet the fans in Italy, I want to hold a concert or fan meeting when the situation gets better. Thank you!»

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